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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for " Area Studies > American"
Immigration In Flux (March 2006)
As Arctic Ice Melts, Canada Reasserts Sovereignty Over Its 'Northwest Passage' * (October 2005)
Hurricane Horror (October 2005)
America's Quietly Consummated Missile Defense System * (April 2005)
As the Wheel Turns: U.S. Automakers Struggle to Hold On to Market Share * (April 2005)
America: The World's First 'Hyperpower' (March 2005)
Magnifying the Oil-for-Food Scam to Monstrous Levels * (March 2005)
Banning Landmines in the American Century * (February 2005)
A Mother's Day: Today's Women Seek More Respect for the Tradition * (August 2004)
Does American Democracy Fall Short? (April 2004)
The Hazards of Promiscuous Sex (March 2004)
Immigrants and America (February 2004)
A Ten Commandments Country? (January 2004)
Accountability in an Unaccountable World * (January 2004)
A Nation of Servants: Defining Public Service for the Twenty-first Century * (January 2004)
Eden in the Valley: The Armenian Community in Fresno * (December 2003)
Slipping Into the Sea: Last Days of the Arctic Community Shishmaref * (December 2003)
Creating Penitents in Penitentiaries (December 2003)
How Good Are Guns? (October 2003)
The Plight of The States (September 2003)
America's Babel of Ethnic Voices * (August 2003)
Fellow Travelers Along the Trail: Appalachian Paradise * (August 2003)
Retirement, Baby Boomer Style * (June 2003)
Alaska for Beginners * (June 2003)
Patching Up the American Family * (January 2003)
Their World, Not Ours: Problems Grip the Hmong in America * (December 2002)
Protecting the American Homeland (October 2002)
Alaska and Hawaii: A Tale of Two States (August 2002)
Defending America After September 11 (June 2002)
America Today (November 2001)
America and Immigration (September 2001)
New England: Surprisingly Strong (August 2001)
Taking the Measure of America (May 2001)
The Many Faces of America (May 2000)
Faith And Our Schools (December 1999)
The Comeback of the Big City (August 1998)
Issues in Higher Education (June 1998)
The Sixties: Praiseworthy or Misbegotten? (May 1998)
Can Washington Be Saved? (September 1997)
Florida: Cloudy Days Ahead? (August 1996)
Reclaiming the American Dream (July 1996)
The Risen South (July 1996)
The Five Great Challenges Facing America (January 1996)
The Many States of Texas (August 1995)
The World After World War II (June 1995)
Black and White America (March 1995)
Can New York Come Back? (August 1994)
California: Paradise Lost? (September 1993)
Looking for the Good: Ideals in American Literature (October 1992)
Public Broadcasting: Private Agenda? (February 1992)
What's Wrong with Congress? (March 1991)
Sustaining Community (October 1990)
Anything Goes: Popular Culture in America (July 1990)
The American Novel (May 1989)
The Shaping of America: 200 Years of the Constitution (September 1987)
African American
Tough Love From 'America's Dad' * (August 2004)
Acorns to Oaks: Condoleezza Rice’s Journey From the Jim Crow South to the White House * (August 2004)
Brown V. Board at 50 (May 2004)
Using the SAT in a High-Stakes Racial Gamble * (March 2004)
Tilting to the White? * (January 2004)
Wallace Deen Mohammad: From Black Muslim to Black and Muslim * (September 2003)
The 'Terror' in Cross Burning * (July 2003)
Not So Black-and-White a Question * (March 2003)
Undone by Diversity Bias * (March 2003)
Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson: Precursors to the Civil Rights Movement * (March 2003)
Where Is Black America Headed? (February 2003)
Proud Lion of Baltimore: The Life and Legacy of Frederick Douglass * (February 2003)
Walter Fauntroy: Civil Rights Superstar * (December 2002)
Black And Affluent (February 1999)
Should Race Be a Basis for Government Policy? (September 1998)
The Rise--And Fall?--Of Affirmative Action (June 1998)
Black and White America (March 1995)
The Divisiveness of Diversity (November 1994)
Victim-Mania (April 1993)
Welfare: Rethinking the Contract (September 1992)
The Cry of Our Cities (July 1992)
Racism: Shall We Overcome? (February 1992)
The Future of Black America (January 1990)
Sports in the Contemporary World (October 1988)
The Changing Face of Racism in America (March 1987)
Plight of the Contemporary Family (December 1986)
The Direction of Social Welfare (April 1986)
Hispanic and Latino Americans
Undone by Diversity Bias * (March 2003)
The Many Faces of America (May 2000)
Florida: Cloudy Days Ahead? (August 1996)
Hispanics: America's Fastest Growing Minority (September 1988)

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