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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for " Area Studies > Asian"
Protests in Hong Kong (November 2014)
India's Real Terror Danger * (October 2006)
Japan's German Soul * (October 2006)
Tibet in Exile * (September 2006)
Despite Ethical Concerns, Stem-Cell Study Thrives in South Korea * (August 2006)
Asian Tigers (August 2006)
EU Hears the Plight of North Korea's Refugees * (May 2006)
Past Still Haunts Khmer Genocide Survivor * (April 2006)
The Political Context of the Crisis in Nepal * (April 2006)
Korea's Quandary (April 2006)
Displaced Nepalis Escape Violence * (April 2006)
China and the Mekong: A Tale of Two Rivers * (March 2006)
Journalists' Lives at Risk in Bangladesh * (March 2006)
Picking Up the Pieces: One Year After the Tsunami * (February 2006)
Mongolia's Activists Help Sow Seeds of Democracy in North Korea * (January 2006)
Southern Vietnam Today: Where Healing Goes On--Slowly * (November 2005)
In Japan's Youth-Centered Society, Homelessness Correlates with Age * (November 2005)
From Chattel to Freewomen: Empowering India's Females * (November 2005)
U.S.-India Nuclear Pact May Be a Bad Deal for India--and the U.S. * (September 2005)
India Warms to Pakistan's Musharraf * (June 2005)
Tibetans Brace for an Influx of Han Chinese * (May 2005)
Combating Nepal's Culture of Indentured Servitude * (May 2005)
Rail-Induced Economic Boom Will Shake Up Tibet Region * (May 2005)
Bank Focuses on the Human Side of Development in the Philippines * (April 2005)
The Tsunami's Ripples (February 2005)
Nepal's Poor Suffer Most in Civil War: Maoist Rebels Seen Making Gains * (December 2004)
India's Girl-Feticide Boom * (November 2004)
New Energy for Reintegration: Oil Exports Are Fueling Russia's Ties to East Asia * (October 2004)
In Search of Magic and Mystery in Tibet * (September 2004)
Taiwan Dances on a Tightrope: Prospective New Constitution Irritates Beijing * (September 2004)
Lower Castes Gain an Upper Hand: Indian Political Arena Gets New Power Brokers * (August 2004)
Sidewalk Serendipity: Cultural Diversity in Sri Lanka's Old Colombo * (June 2004)
World Power India (June 2004)
The Sacred Root: Drinking Kava on Vanuatu * (April 2004)
Once They Took Heads: The Tribes of Sarawak, Borneo * (March 2004)
Euro-Turkish: Loanwords Impact Turkish Language Development * (February 2004)
Eden in the Valley: The Armenian Community in Fresno * (December 2003)
Taiwan's Accelerating Slide Toward China * (November 2003)
A Private Sector Surfaces in Vietnam * (November 2003)
Owners of Virtue: Burmese Buddhist Nuns * (October 2003)
How Stands Afghanistan Now? * (July 2003)
The Plain of Jars * (July 2003)
South Asia's Politics of Paranoia * (May 2003)
Hurtling to Life: The Land Divers of Pentecost Island * (April 2003)
Biodiversity in Borneo * (March 2003)
Mirror to Change: Istanbul's Kapali Carsi * (March 2003)
Eden Forged at Gunpoint: African Animals on Asia's Calauit Island * (March 2003)
Thailand's World-Class Antidrug Program * (February 2003)
The Militarization of Central Asia: A Violent Theater of Operation * (February 2003)
History's Ignored Travelers: The Case for Pre-Columbian Explorers * (February 2003)
Trekking With Trash: Nepal's Beauty is Cluttered * (January 2003)
Their World, Not Ours: Problems Grip the Hmong in America * (December 2002)
South Asians in the Melting Pot * (November 2002)
Why the India-Pakistan Crisis Matters (May 2002)
India: Democratic, Diverse, Divided (October 1996)
The AIDS Pandemic (June 1996)
Children as Chattels (February 1995)
Human Rights in the Post-Cold War World (July 1993)
Victim-Mania (April 1993)
The U.S. and the New Third World (May 1992)
The New Politics of the Pacific (March 1992)
The New Tripolar Economics (May 1991)
Southeast Asia: Region on the Rise (March 1990)
Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet? (November 1989)
Siberia: Gateway to a Pacific Era? (July 1989)
The Politics of the Olympics (October 1988)
A World In Debt (July 1986)
The Philippines: How Strong the Tie That Binds? (April 1986)
Five Nations Under Siege: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Angola (February 1986)
China and the Mekong: A Tale of Two Rivers * (March 2006)
China Won't Let Japan Forget About World War II Atrocities * (May 2005)
Women Suffering Under China's 'One-Child' Policy * (March 2005)
Is China Inching Toward Democracy? * (February 2005)
China's Hidden Hanyuan Incident * (January 2005)
China's "Green Great Wall" Aims to Halt Desertification * (January 2005)
Media and Democracy in China * (September 2004)
A Great City Awakes: Beijing Is Changing Forever * (April 2004)
China's Psyche * (April 2004)
China's 'Takeover' of Russia's Far East * (February 2004)
Taiwan's Accelerating Slide Toward China * (November 2003)
Must China 'Democratize or Die'?: Complacent Assumptions About Chinese Politics Deflated by SARS * (November 2003)
Below Paradise: The Marvel of China's Grand Canal * (July 2003)
Thriving Amid the Chaos: The Chinese of Northern Ireland * (May 2003)
Among the Uighurs: Muslim Minority of West China * (March 2003)
The Voices From the Gold Mountain: Chinese-Language Publications in America * (February 2003)
Hallmark of Hospitality: Tea and Ceramics in China's Jiangsu Province * (January 2003)
The Rise of Chinese Nationalism (July 2002)
The Different Chinas (October 2001)
Does Taiwan Matter? (April 2000)
Where Is China Headed? (October 1999)
The Challenge of China (October 1998)
China: The Good, The Bad, and the Dangerous (April 1996)
China After Deng (December 1995)
The U.S. and China: Forging a New Relationship (June 1993)
China's Newest Face (February 1991)
China: 40 Years of Revolution (October 1989)
China in a New Era (July 1988)
China's New Democracy (April 1987)
China Emerges (May 1986)
China Won't Let Japan Forget About World War II Atrocities * (May 2005)
Rethinking Japan: College Students Speak Their Minds * (August 2003)
Japan's Samurai Castles * (July 2003)
Whatever Happened to Japan? (April 1997)
Japan's New Face (November 1993)
The Coming Decline of Japan? (November 1990)
Whither Japan? (March 1988)
EU Hears the Plight of North Korea's Refugees * (May 2006)
Korea's Quandary (April 2006)
Toward a Unified Korea: Transforming Two Cultures Into One * (June 2005)
Finally Ending the Korean War (January 2005)
North Korean Defectors Painfully Adjust to Life in the South * (November 2004)
Seeds of North Korea's Contentiousness * (June 2003)
Yuri's Search for the Old Man: A Legend of Ancient Korea * (June 2003)
U.S. and South Korea Start a New Dance * (May 2003)
North Korean Flash Point * (March 2003)
What Lies Ahead for Korea? (January 2003)
Korea: 50 Years Later (June 2000)
A Turning Point for Korea (May 1996)
The Korean War: 40 Years Later (July 1990)
Crisis and Democracy in South Korea (October 1987)
Democracy and Change in South Korea (December 1986)

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