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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > Campaigns and Elections"
Democrats' Leftward Tilt Imperils Their Presidential Chances * (September 2004)
Arnold Terminates Davis * (December 2003)
Will 'Lula' Luck Out in Brazil? * (September 2003)
Historic GOP Victory * (January 2003)
The Unpredictable 2002 Elections (November 2002)
President George W. Bush's First Year (February 2002)
The Clinton Legacy (July 2001)
The Making of the 2000 Elections (February 2001)
Election 2000: Winners and Losers (November 2000)
Issues Have Presidential Consequences (October 2000)
The Politics of Money (March 2000)
The Crisis of the Clinton Presidency (January 1999)
Presidential Character, Presidential Actions (December 1998)
Election '98: Will the GOP Retain Control? (November 1998)
The Paradoxes of the Presidency (January 1997)
The Meaning of the '96 Elections (January 1997)
Election '96: Who Will Win? (November 1996)
Is Money Good for Politics? (August 1996)
1996: A Watershed Election? (March 1996)
Clinton: A One-Term President? (February 1995)
Election '94: Winds of Change? (November 1994)
Clinton's First Year (February 1994)
Women: America's New Power Brokers (March 1993)
The GOP at the Crossroads (February 1993)
An Agenda for the New Clinton Administration (January 1993)
1992: A Watershed Election (November 1992)
Election '92 (September 1992)
Congress Under Fire (January 1992)
The '92 Elections: An Autumn of Discontent? (November 1991)
The '90 Elections: Why They Are Critical (October 1990)
Campaign '88 Bush vs. Dukakis: Who Will Win? (November 1988)
Politics After Reagan (April 1988)
The Presidency (January 1988)
The '88 Election: Its Meaning for America and the World (December 1987)
Media and Society (February 1987)
Assessing the Reagan Era (January 1987)

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