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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"
A Reevaluation of Richard Nixon * (September 2004)
Reagan's Remarkable Presidency (August 2004)
Does American Democracy Fall Short? (April 2004)
John F. Kennedy Without Tears * (December 2003)
The Founding Father Who Opposed Independence: The Story of the Most Influential Dissenter of 1776 * (April 2003)
A Presidential Dozen * (February 2003)
Where Is Europe Headed? (December 2002)
The Rise of Chinese Nationalism (July 2002)
A New Strategy for Latin America (April 2002)
Russia Since the End of Communism (December 2001)
America Today (November 2001)
The Different Chinas (October 2001)
The Importance of Latin America (March 2001)
Where Is China Headed? (October 1999)
Castro's Cuba At 40 (June 1999)
A New Age for Europe's Left? (May 1999)
Do Congressional Hearings Still Matter? (September 1998)
Britain After Maggie: The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher (August 1998)
Russia's Newest Revolution (November 1997)
Taking the Mystery Out of Islam (September 1997)
The Real Mexico (August 1997)
Divided Government: Will It Work? (March 1997)
India: Democratic, Diverse, Divided (October 1996)
Russia: What's Next? (September 1996)
A Turning Point for Korea (May 1996)
China: The Good, The Bad, and the Dangerous (April 1996)
China After Deng (December 1995)
Russia In Crisis (May 1995)
South Africa: Miracle in the Making? (December 1994)
Mexico at the Crossroads (September 1994)
Cuba After Castro (March 1994)
The New Democracies' Rocky Road (January 1994)
Japan's New Face (November 1993)
Russia: Is Reform Still Possible? (August 1993)
Religion and the Secular Prejudice (May 1993)
Russia: One Year After the Coup (August 1992)
When Worlds Collide: Spain, Columbus and the New World (December 1991)
Capitalism: Promise and Pitfalls (November 1991)
Evaluating the Thatcher Era (August 1991)
The Transformation of the Soviet Union (August 1991)
What's Wrong with Congress? (March 1991)
Religion and Liberal Society (January 1991)
The Coming Decline of Japan? (November 1990)
Perestroika in Black Africa (August 1990)
The Nonreforming Communist Nations (June 1990)
Building a Democratic Eastern Europe (May 1990)
Managing the Soviet Revolution (April 1990)
A New Germany--A New Europe? (February 1990)
Southern Africa: Peace At Last? (December 1989)
China: 40 Years of Revolution (October 1989)
Winds of Change Hit Indochina (May 1989)
What Is Gorbachev Really Up To? (March 1989)
Castro's Cuba: 30 Years Later (December 1988)
The Sixties: Dreams and Illusions (August 1988)
China in a New Era (July 1988)
South America's Fragile Democracies (April 1988)
Politics After Reagan (April 1988)
Whither Japan? (March 1988)
Crisis and Democracy in South Korea (October 1987)
The Shaping of America: 200 Years of the Constitution (September 1987)
Separation of Powers and National Security (August 1987)
Glasnost: What It Is And Isn't (June 1987)
Neo-Marxism (June 1987)
China's New Democracy (April 1987)
Syria: Behind the Bid for Regional Dominance (February 1987)
Democracy and Change in South Korea (December 1986)
Ideas of Democracy (November 1986)
Neoconservatism Continued (October 1986)
The Horn of Africa (September 1986)
Neoconservatism and the American Right (September 1986)
Nicaragua: The Next American Revolution? (August 1986)
Politics And Its Discontents (August 1986)
A World In Debt (July 1986)
China Emerges (May 1986)
Studies on the Decline of the Soviet Empire (January 1986)

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