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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for " Economics"
Niger: When Development Is an Emergency * (November 2006)
Azerbaijan: Aspirations, Regional Issues, and Global Concerns * (November 2006)
Why Globalization Is in Trouble: Part II * (November 2006)
Why Globalization Is in Trouble: Part 1 * (October 2006)
Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices Without Union Vices * (June 2006)
The Healing Economy as a Remedy for Poverty and Conflict * (May 2006)
Canada Provides U.S. With Reliable Energy Supplies * (April 2006)
Nuclear Energy: Catastrophe or Salvation? * (April 2006)
Free Trade Fracas (February 2006)
The Complex Ties Between Capitalism and Christianity * (February 2006)
A Sinister, Globalized Black Market * (December 2005)
Ethical Development and the Social Impact of Globalization * (December 2005)
The Hidden Cost of Free Trade * (December 2005)
How ''Core Values'' Can Be the Basis for Prosperity and Peace * (December 2005)
Bringing Humaneness Back Into the Economy * (October 2005)
An End to Saudi Oil? * (October 2005)
Katrina, Iraq, and China: The Third Oil Shock? * (October 2005)
Creating New Hope for Africa Through Loan Forgiveness * (October 2005)
Kicking the Oil Habit (September 2005)
Chinese Urbanization's Potentially Pacifying Power* (August 2005)
Building a "Holy" Economy * (May 2005)
The Economics of Conflict * (February 2005)
The Economic Approach to Sociology * (January 2005)
Toward 'Economic Democracy' (December 2004)
Prosperity at an Acceptable Price: Yap and Palau Try to Protect Culture in the Age of Tourism * (October 2004)
The Global Economy (April 1998)
Looking at Latin America (March 1998)
Brave New Cyberworld (January 1998)
Capitalism: Promise and Pitfalls (November 1991)
Evaluating the Thatcher Era (August 1991)
Morality in the Marketplace (December 1990)
Neo-Marxism (June 1987)
Global Economy
Drought Drives Indian Farmers to East Africa * (June 2005)
Rail-Induced Economic Boom Will Shake Up Tibet Region * (May 2005)
Rivers of Refugees (May 2005)
Dollar Still Rules World Markets, but a Shift by China Could Destabilize It * (May 2005)
Bank Focuses on the Human Side of Development in the Philippines * (April 2005)
One Hope at a Time: Building Afghanistan's Future Through Microfinance * (April 2005)
Clothing Donations Bypass the Needy and Hurt African Textile Industries * (April 2005)
Who's Big? The Top 100 Entities in the World * (March 2005)
The Tsunami's Economic Blow May Well Be Short-lived * (February 2005)
Democratic Mali and Its Struggling Cotton Farmers * (February 2005)
Tsunamis, Mangroves, and the Economy * (February 2005)
Microcredit and the Empowerment of Jordan's Poor * (December 2004)
73 Percent of World's Workers Have a Weak Employment Safety Net * (November 2004)
Toward a Revolution in Macroeconomics * (August 2003)
Coping with the Global Recession (January 2002)
The New Eastern Europe (November 1999)
Global Warming (December 1997)
Whatever Happened to Japan? (April 1997)
Eastern Europe in Transition (December 1996)
China: The Good, The Bad, and the Dangerous (April 1996)
Children as Chattels (February 1995)
Russia: Is Reform Still Possible? (August 1993)
The New Politics of the Pacific (March 1992)
The New Russian Revolution (November 1991)
The Transformation of the Soviet Union (August 1991)
The New Tripolar Economics (May 1991)
China's Newest Face (February 1991)
The Middle East: Myths and Realities (December 1990)
The Coming Decline of Japan? (November 1990)
The Post-Cold War Period (September 1990)
Southeast Asia: Region on the Rise (March 1990)
Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet? (November 1989)
The Freeing of Eastern Europe? (August 1988)
Whither Japan? (March 1988)
The Global Appeal of Privatization (January 1988)
The World Faces Lower Oil Prices (April 1986)
U.S. Economy and Economic Policy
Aging America Fuels the Drug Industry * (May 2005)
''Singularities'' Could Knock the Economy Off Track * (May 2005)
As the Wheel Turns: U.S. Automakers Struggle to Hold On to Market Share * (April 2005)
Putting the ''Social'' Back in Social Security * (March 2005)
U.S. Textile Industry Unraveling * (February 2005)
Creating a Culture of Saving * (February 2005)
A Pessimist's View: Where Will We Be in 2008? * (January 2005)
Oil Serves but Also Burns Us * (January 2005)
Welfare-Recipient Decline Is Only a Part of the Picture * (December 2004)
Growth That's No Fun * (November 2004)
September 11 Continues to Weigh Down the U.S. Economy * (November 2004)
How to Exit the Health-Care Quicksand * (September 2004)
Dollars in the Classroom * (June 2004)
Unions and the Economy * (April 2004)
Why We Should Reform, Not Repeal, the Estate Tax * (November 2003)
Minimum Wage or 'Living' Wage? * (October 2003)
The Cost of Securing the Homeland * (August 2003)
Budget Magic Tricks * (July 2003)
Farm Subsidies or Feeding People * (May 2003)
Dialing for Dollars and Freedom of Speech * (April 2003)
Taxes: How Much Is Enough? (April 2003)
President George W. Bush's First Year (February 2002)
New England: Surprisingly Strong (August 2001)
Gambling: National Addiction or Harmless Pastime? (July 2000)
The Many Faces of America (May 2000)
Is Welfare Reform Working? (January 2000)
Rust Belt Comeback (August 1999)
Saving Social Security (July 1999)
Inside the Federal Reserve (April 1999)
Black And Affluent (February 1999)
The Comeback of the Big City (August 1998)
Privitization, Education, Pork (September 1997)
Unleashing Tax Reform (May 1997)
Is Legalized Gambling Worth the Cost? (March 1997)
Economic Boom or Bust? (February 1996)
Saving Social Security (November 1995)
Reforming Welfare (September 1995)
The Many States of Texas (August 1995)
Can New York Come Back? (August 1994)
Social Ills: A Family Affair? (August 1994)
The Welfare Reform We Really Need (May 1994)
Immigration: Boon or Bane to the U.S.? (January 1994)
Can America Survive Clintonomics? (December 1993)
California: Paradise Lost? (September 1993)
The Explosive Politics of Aging (May 1993)
An Agenda for the New Clinton Administration (January 1993)
Welfare: Rethinking the Contract (September 1992)
Why the State Budgets Are in a Mess (September 1992)
Creating Prosperity (August 1992)
America's Economy: Is It Time to Stop Singing the Blues? (April 1992)
Taxation: Less Is More (December 1991)
America At Work: No More Business As Usual (October 1991)
America's Crumbling Infrastructure: Losing Wealth Through the Cracks (August 1991)
The New George H. W. Bush Administration: What Is To Be Done? (January 1989)
Growing Old in America (December 1988)
The U.S. Economy: How Good, How Bad? (July 1988)
Assessing the Reagan Era (January 1987)
Getting Government Under Control (February 1986)
European Union
EU May One Day Choke Due to Overexpansion * (April 2005)
U.S. Deficits' Non-impact on Europe * (January 2005)
EU Expansion Reshapes Future of Europe: New Magazine Will Explore Ramifications * (August 2004)
The US. and the E.U.: The World's Leading Economic Relationship (April 2001)
European Union At Last? (February 1997)
The Rocky Road to European Unity (December 1992)
International Trade and Investment
The IMF Should Be Shut Down * (December 2004)
Tax Evasion Is a Way of Life in Brazil * (September 2004)
The Trade 'Rape' of the Developing World * (September 2004)
Lower Castes Gain an Upper Hand: Indian Political Arena Gets New Power Brokers * (August 2004)
How Rich Consumers Are Aiding Poor Nations * (May 2004)
Success Story in Latin America * (March 2004)
Cyprus: Powder Keg No More? * (March 2004)
Outsourcing America * (January 2004)
Should We Be Afraid of the Trade Deficit? * (December 2003)
The WTO Meets in Cancun * (November 2003)
Forty Beans of Perfection * (September 2003)
Rich Nations' Tariffs and Poor Nations' Growth * (June 2003)
Time to End U.S. Foreign Aid? (June 1997)
Debating International Trade (October 1989)
Third World Debt: A Global Problem (February 1989)
Trade Legislation: Seeking the Right Balance (May 1987)
A World In Debt (July 1986)

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