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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Area Studies > European"
Eastern Europe Ready for the Euro? * (October 2006)
Europe's Migrant Crisis * (August 2006)
Italy's Unstable Political Future: A Look at the Divisive Italian Elections * (May 2006)
Germany's Crisis-Ridden Socialists * (May 2006)
The Real French Political Crisis * (May 2006)
A Staggering Birthrate Decline Clouds Europe's Future * (January 2006)
The Outlook for Germany's New "Grand Coalition" of Left and Right * (November 2005)
Can Europe Become a Superpower? * (September 2005)
Europe's Immigration Problem (April 2005)
Europe in Trouble (December 2004)
France Softens Its Stance Against the U.S. * (December 2004)
EU Expansion Sows Doubts About the Future: Rift Between Rich and Poor Nations Widens (October 2004)
Europe's Special Military Skills Can Provide It Influence in U.S * (September 2004)
EU Expansion Reshapes Future of Europe: New Magazine Will Explore Ramifications * (August 2004)
Don't Call Me Comrade: A Czech People and Nation * (June 2004)
Triumph of the Good: Mons, Belgium, Celebrates Its Patron Saints * (June 2004)
The Marvelous Spectacles of Olympia and Marathon: The Roots of the Olympics and Marathon Racing * (June 2004)
Renaissance in the North: New Life in England's Industrial North * (May 2004)
Marble Is Life: The Quarries of Carrara, Tuscany * (May 2004)
The Padstow Obby Oss: Cornwall's Dancing Hobbyhorse * (May 2004)
Harvest of Sorrow: The Business of Unexploded Bombs * (April 2004)
May a Good Year Be Sealed: Tensions Disturb the Paris Jewish Community * (April 2004)
From the Black Sea to Budapest: Traveling the Eastern Danube * (April 2004)
Does National Identity Matter? * (March 2004)
Cyprus: Powder Keg No More? * (March 2004)
Small Power: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg * (February 2004)
Euro-Turkish: Loanwords Impact Turkish Language Development * (February 2004)
In Search of Hunor and Magor: Hungary's Western Region of Transdanubia * (February 2004)
A Chance to Shine: Poland Anticipates Better Days * (January 2004)
The Four Corners of Kvarner * (December 2003)
Through Dirt to the Past: Archaeology in Rural Iceland * (November 2003)
Vintage Vinegar: A Passion for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar * (November 2003)
An Umbrian Thanksgiving * (November 2003)
Hamburgers Really Eat Fish * (October 2003)
Gardens of Healing and Transformation * (October 2003)
The White Hill Towns of Spain * (October 2003)
Where They're Going: Tampere Is Finland's Industrial Heart * (October 2003)
The Lagoon of Venice * (September 2003)
Normandy at Its Best * (September 2003)
Echoes of Fickle Gods: Safe Haven on the Island of Syros * (September 2003)
Under the Stars: The Locarno Film Festival * (August 2003)
Florence Nightingale: Fantasy and Fact * (July 2003)
The Scented Spring: France's Perfume Capital for the World * (July 2003)
At Home Away From Home: The English-Speaking Community in Switzerland * (June 2003)
Thriving Amid the Chaos: The Chinese of Northern Ireland * (May 2003)
Italish Does It Better: Loanwords and Newspeak in Italy * (May 2003)
Cast Its Own Spell: Prague Inspires and Provokes * (May 2003)
Tribute to a Great High King * (March 2003)
The South Downs Way * (February 2003)
Educating the European Way * (January 2003)
A Moveable Feast: A Walking Tour of Paris * (January 2003)
The City of Roads: Cultures Converge in Strasbourg * (January 2003)
Schroeder's Upset Victory * (December 2002)
Ham for the Holidays: Treasured Gifts From Italy and Spain * (December 2002)
Pottering Around the Potteries: A Visit to England's Stoke-on-Trent * (December 2002)
The Future Is a Distant Shore: Refugees in Switzerland * (December 2002)
Centuries of Silk: Sericulture in Como, Italy * (December 2002)
Where Is Europe Headed? (December 2002)
The US. and the E.U.: The World's Leading Economic Relationship (April 2001)
The New Eastern Europe (November 1999)
NATO Expansion, Russian Demise (August 1999)
A New Age for Europe's Left? (May 1999)
Britain After Maggie: The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher (August 1998)
Inside the Vatican (December 1997)
European Union At Last? (February 1997)
Eastern Europe in Transition (December 1996)
Who Needs NATO? (October 1995)
Should the U.N. Be The World's Cop? (June 1994)
The New Democracies' Rocky Road (January 1994)
The Rocky Road to European Unity (December 1992)
When Worlds Collide: Spain, Columbus and the New World (December 1991)
The High Road to European Unity (October 1991)
Evaluating the Thatcher Era (August 1991)
The New Tripolar Economics (May 1991)
Building a Democratic Eastern Europe (May 1990)
A New Germany--A New Europe? (February 1990)
Ethnic Nationalism in Europe (December 1989)
NATO at 40: Still Needed? (April 1989)
The Freeing of Eastern Europe? (August 1988)
Terror in France (December 1986)

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