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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "History"
V-E Day's Sixtieth Anniversary (June 2005)
Silk Road Oasis Town, Now Vanished in Sand, Flourished for Eight Centuries * (June 2005)
The Citadel: Saladin's Fortress for the Ages * (June 2005)
Quanah Parker: Last Chief of the Comanches * (May 2005)
China Won't Let Japan Forget About World War II Atrocities * (May 2005)
Breathtaking Urban Treasures of the World * (March 2005)
The Formation of the United States * (January 2005)
Tsuneko, Heroine of the Untold World War II Tsushima Maru Tragedy * (November 2004)
Once Upon a Time: History as the Story of Real People Engages Children * (September 2004)
A Reevaluation of Richard Nixon * (September 2004)
Parallels Between Iraq and America's 1899 War in the Philippines * (September 2004)
The Charted Wilderness: The Map Lewis and Clark Followed * (August 2004)
Sacrifice Is Honored: Memorial a Lasting Tribute to Heroes Who Saved the World and Changed It * (August 2004)
Time to Remember: The Sixtieth Anniversary of D-Day * (June 2004)
They Also Served: Women in World War II * (May 2004)
Myths of the JFK Assassination Coverage * (March 2004)
The Angel of Hadley: Extraordinary Events in the French and Indian Wars * (February 2004)
'Orphans Wanted': The Pony Express * (January 2004)
Thomas Clark: Centenarian Historian * (January 2004)
'A Duty to Memory': Bastogne Remembers the Battle of the Bulge * (December 2003)
John F. Kennedy Without Tears * (December 2003)
British Beginnings: English Seeds for American Harvest * (November 2003)
The Pilgrims Before Plymouth * (November 2003)
The Indispensable Nexus: Pennsylvania's Contribution to the Lewis and Clark Expedition * (October 2003)
Doing the Best They Can: Mayhem and Mirth in the Baseball Umpires' World * (October 2003)
Normandy at Its Best * (September 2003)
The Wilderness River * (August 2003)
Rowhouse Dreams * (August 2003)
Legacy of Light: Quakers in America * (August 2003)
The Baltimore and Ohio: The 175th Anniversary of America's First Railroad * (July 2003)
The Dream Car: An American Icon, the Corvette Turns Fifty * (June 2003)
Alaska for Beginners * (June 2003)
Warm Wooden Spans: Covered Bridges of Ohio * (May 2003)
The Columbia Tragedy * (April 2003)
Where the Wright Brothers Soared * (April 2003)
Our Heroine Bad-Girl: The Life and Legend of Calamity Jane * (April 2003)
The Founding Father Who Opposed Independence: The Story of the Most Influential Dissenter of 1776 * (April 2003)
America's Sweeteners Today * (March 2003)
Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson: Precursors to the Civil Rights Movement * (March 2003)
The Equality State: Women's Rights on the Western Frontier * (March 2003)
A Presidential Dozen * (February 2003)
Proud Lion of Baltimore: The Life and Legacy of Frederick Douglass * (February 2003)
Tang of the Soil: Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack * (January 2003)
Intelligence Failures of 9/11: What the Lessons of History Show * (December 2002)
Why the India-Pakistan Crisis Matters (May 2002)
America Today (November 2001)
Fathers of Faith (September 1999)
A New Age for Europe's Left? (May 1999)
The Crisis of the Clinton Presidency (January 1999)
Presidential Character, Presidential Actions (December 1998)
Britain After Maggie: The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher (August 1998)
The Sixties: Praiseworthy or Misbegotten? (May 1998)
Inside the Vatican (December 1997)
Taking the Mystery Out of Islam (September 1997)
The Paradoxes of the Presidency (January 1997)
How Symbols Shape Culture (January 1997)
India: Democratic, Diverse, Divided (October 1996)
Reclaiming the American Dream (July 1996)
The World After World War II (June 1995)
Death of a Reading Culture? (August 1993)
Xenophon and the Making of a Political Leader (November 1992)
When Worlds Collide: Spain, Columbus and the New World (December 1991)
Taxation: Less Is More (December 1991)
The High Road to European Unity (October 1991)
U.S. and the Soviet Union: From Superpowers to Superpartners? (September 1991)
The Transformation of the Soviet Union (August 1991)
America at the Crossroads: The Aftermath of the Gulf War (July 1991)
The Persian Gulf: A Prescription for Peace (April 1991)
Foreign Policies in the New World Order (January 1991)
The Middle East: Myths and Realities (December 1990)
The Coming Decline of Japan? (November 1990)
The Korean War: 40 Years Later (July 1990)
In Search of American Character (May 1990)
A New Germany--A New Europe? (February 1990)
China: 40 Years of Revolution (October 1989)
A Palestinian State: Has Its Time Come? (September 1989)
Reverberations of the French Revolution (July 1989)
NATO at 40: Still Needed? (April 1989)
What Is Gorbachev Really Up To? (March 1989)
Castro's Cuba: 30 Years Later (December 1988)
Campaign '88 Bush vs. Dukakis: Who Will Win? (November 1988)
Children of the Baby Boomers: Prospects for the Future (November 1988)
Interpreters of an Uncertain Age (September 1988)
The Sixties: Dreams and Illusions (August 1988)
China in a New Era (July 1988)
Politics After Reagan (April 1988)
The Hero And Society (February 1988)
The Presidency (January 1988)
The '88 Election: Its Meaning for America and the World (December 1987)
Science Fiction and Reality (October 1987)
The French Revolution Reconsidered (September 1987)
The Shaping of America: 200 Years of the Constitution (September 1987)
Separation of Powers and National Security (August 1987)
The Role of Myth in Culture (July 1987)
Neo-Marxism (June 1987)
Glasnost: What It Is And Isn't (June 1987)
Vietnam Reconsidered: Lessons From a War (April 1987)
Espionage and the Information Age (November 1986)
Reconsidering Plato (August 1986)
Eastern Wisdom and Modern Science (May 1986)
The Challenge of Modernity (February 1986)
Studies on the Decline of the Soviet Empire (January 1986)

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