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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "International Studies"
Fine-Tuning The UN (October 2004)
Soccer and the Forces of Globalization * (September 2004)
How Rich Consumers Are Aiding Poor Nations * (May 2004)
The Rule of Law and the International Criminal Court * (September 2003)
Hope in Kigali's Slums: Creating Microenterprise in Rwanda * (August 2003)
The Specter of Sars * (July 2003)
Education: The Key to Global Development (June 2003)
UM Schmu 'em: The UN and the Iraqi Question * (April 2003)
Do We Need a United Nations? (September 2001)
The Global Persecution of the Faithful (December 2000)
The Many Faces of America (May 2000)
The Global Reality of Religious Persecution (December 1998)
Resurgent Infectious Diseases (October 1998)
The Global Economy (April 1998)
Looking at Latin America (March 1998)
Inside the Vatican (December 1997)
Our Global Commons (April 1997)
The AIDS Pandemic (June 1996)
Who Needs NATO? (October 1995)
The World After World War II (June 1995)
Children as Chattels (February 1995)
Should the U.N. Be The World's Cop? (June 1994)
Human Rights in the Post-Cold War World (July 1993)
Too Many People? (June 1993)
Women in a Changing World (April 1991)
The 21st Century: Prospects for a Global Community (March 1991)
The Post-Cold War Period (September 1990)
Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet? (November 1989)
The Environment: Striving for Global Balance (June 1989)
NATO at 40: Still Needed? (April 1989)
The Politics of AIDS (November 1987)
The Sanctuary Movement (July 1986)

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