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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > International Relations"
Fine-Tuning The UN (October 2004)
Europe's Special Military Skills Can Provide It Influence in U.S * (September 2004)
Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Anti-Immigration Movement * (September 2004)
Parallels Between Iraq and America's 1899 War in the Philippines * (September 2004)
Ex-Soviet Republics Chafe at the West's Call for Rights: Seven Nations Seek to Relax Guidelines of OSCE * (August 2004)
Clinton's Lost Chance to Catch Bin Laden * (August 2004)
Immigrants and America (February 2004)
Central America Today (March 2003)
What Lies Ahead for Korea? (January 2003)
Is Middle East Peace Possible? (September 2002)
Why the India-Pakistan Crisis Matters (May 2002)
The Middle East: War or Peace? (November 2001)
Do We Need a United Nations? (September 2001)
The Global Persecution of the Faithful (December 2000)
Korea: 50 Years Later (June 2000)
Does Taiwan Matter? (April 2000)
NATO Expansion, Russian Demise (August 1999)
The Challenge of China (October 1998)
Global Warming (December 1997)
Who Needs NATO? (October 1995)
Should the U.N. Be The World's Cop? (June 1994)
Too Many People? (June 1993)
The Rocky Road to European Unity (December 1992)
The Challenge of Immigration (October 1992)
Preserving the Earth: Beyond Ideology (July 1992)
The Mideast After the Gulf War (April 1992)
The New Politics of the Pacific (March 1992)
The New Russian Revolution (November 1991)
The High Road to European Unity (October 1991)
The New Tripolar Economics (May 1991)
The Persian Gulf: A Prescription for Peace (April 1991)
Islam and the Modern World (February 1991)
Foreign Policies in the New World Order (January 1991)
The Middle East: Myths and Realities (December 1990)
The Crisis in the Gulf (October 1990)
The Post-Cold War Period (September 1990)
The Korean War: 40 Years Later (July 1990)
Southeast Asia: Region on the Rise (March 1990)
The Arab World and The West (February 1990)
The 1990s: Projections for the Coming Decade (January 1990)
Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet? (November 1989)
A Palestinian State: Has Its Time Come? (September 1989)
Latin America: At the Crossroads (August 1989)
The Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence (June 1989)
NATO at 40: Still Needed? (April 1989)
Third World Debt: A Global Problem (February 1989)
The Freeing of Eastern Europe? (August 1988)
Israel At 40 (May 1988)
The Politics of Liberation Theology (May 1988)
The Global Appeal of Privatization (January 1988)
The Middle East: What Lies Ahead? (August 1987)
Terror in France (December 1986)
Nuclear Winter Reappraised (August 1986)
The Sanctuary Movement (July 1986)
Urbanization and the Arab World (June 1986)
Terrorism (March 1986)

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