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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Area Studies > Middle Eastern"
Disastrous Middle East Miscalculations * (August 2006)
Qatar: A Model for the Middle East * (August 2006)
The New Players in Post-Saddam Iraq * (June 2006)
Democracy and the Culture of Hate * (April 2006)
Understanding Islam in a Post-September 11 World * (April 2006)
Kurds Keep the Peace in Own ''Nation'' * (April 2006)
Hate's Inevitable Harvest: Sources of and Solutions for Middle East Hatred * (February 2006)
'Participatory Development' Programs Help in Iraq and Morocco * (February 2006)
'Winning' in Iraq (January 2006)
Ancient Practice of Female Genital Mulitlation Still a Threat to Iraqi Women * (January 2006)
Israel's Peace Options: The Gaza Disengagement, the Fence, and the Future * (December 2005)
The Kashmir Earthquake Crisis (December 2005)
Iraq May End the American Empire * (November 2005)
Could Lebanon Be Leading a Muslim Renaissance? * (October 2005)
Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Hatred and Terrorism * (September 2005)
U.S. Power Is Mounting Throughout the Greater Mideast * (June 2005)
Energy, U.S. National Security, and the Mideast * (June 2005)
Why Turkey Could Lose the EU Vote * (May 2005)
Water and Stability in the Persian Gulf * (May 2005)
Christian Arabs in Mideast Find Themselves in Peril * (April 2005)
One Hope at a Time: Building Afghanistan's Future Through Microfinance * (April 2005)
Magnifying the Oil-for-Food Scam to Monstrous Levels * (March 2005)
Christian Orphans Are Stuck in Limbo in Iraq * (February 2005)
Oil Serves but Also Burns Us * (January 2005)
Rebuilding Trust in the Middle East * (January 2005)
Microcredit and the Empowerment of Jordan's Poor * (December 2004)
Exploiting Chinese Migrant Workers in Israel * (December 2004)
Democracy Yes, but How? * (November 2004)
Kurds Build Their Own Identity: U.S. Provides a Long-Awaited Taste of Peace and Freedom * (October 2004)
Rebuilding Iraq: Despite Disarray, Immense U.S. Effort Picks Up Speed * (October 2004)
Target Ideas, Not Gunmen * (October 2004)
What Drives the Iraq Insurgency * (September 2004)
Parallels Between Iraq and America's 1899 War in the Philippines * (September 2004)
Amid the Rubble: Survivors of Bam's Earthquake * (August 2004)
Film as Political Vehicle: Two Films Offer Insight into Today's Iraq * (August 2004)
Fallujah Atrocities * (June 2004)
Iraq's Complicity in Terrorism * (June 2004)
Analyzing al Qaeda and Protecting America * (May 2004)
Dr. Khan's Nuclear Confession * (April 2004)
The Rise and Fall of the Baghdad Bulletin * (March 2004)
Walks of Life: Eight Women in Jordan * (March 2004)
The Capture of Saddam Hussein * (February 2004)
The Compassionate Listening Project: Leah Green Initiates Dialogue in Israel and Palestine * (February 2004)
Iraq's 'Ramadan Offensive' * (January 2004)
Guardians of the Land * (January 2004)
Losing Iraq by Failing to Rebuild It * (October 2003)
Fairness in Covering Mideast Violence * (September 2003)
The Shoe Is on the Other Foot * (August 2003)
The Aftermath of Iraq (August 2003)
How the Iraq War Was Seen Overseas * (July 2003)
Mirage in the Desert: Lessons in Building a World Class Health-Care System * (June 2003)
The Fall of Baghdad * (June 2003)
Reputation Is Everything: Honor Killings Among the Palestinians * (May 2003)
Finding Their Place: Moroccans Celebrate in Israel * (April 2003)
Peace and the Palestinian Authority * (March 2003)
Iraq in the Dock * (February 2003)
Let's Finish the Job * (December 2002)
Let's Not Be Hasty * (December 2002)
Is Middle East Peace Possible? (September 2002)
A New Kind of War (March 2002)
The Middle East: War or Peace? (November 2001)
Clinton's World (September 1999)
Israel At 50 (May 1998)
Taking the Mystery Out of Islam (September 1997)
Human Rights in the Post-Cold War World (July 1993)
The Mideast After the Gulf War (April 1992)
America at the Crossroads: The Aftermath of the Gulf War (July 1991)
The Persian Gulf: A Prescription for Peace (April 1991)
Islam and the Modern World (February 1991)
The Middle East: Myths and Realities (December 1990)
The Arab World and The West (February 1990)
A Palestinian State: Has Its Time Come? (September 1989)
Israel At 40 (May 1988)
The Middle East: What Lies Ahead? (August 1987)
Syria: Behind the Bid for Regional Dominance (February 1987)
Urbanization and the Arab World (June 1986)
Five Nations Under Siege: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Angola (February 1986)

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