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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Philosophy"
Right and Wrong in the Real World * (November 2006)
When is a Woman Beautiful? * (October 2006)
In the Midst of a Second American Revolution * (June 2006)
Confusion in the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Controversy * (March 2006)
Ethical Development and the Social Impact of Globalization * (December 2005)
How ''Core Values'' Can Be the Basis for Prosperity and Peace * (December 2005)
A Call for a Third Intellectual Revolution--One of Wisdom * (October 2005)
Explanation in History * (March 2005)
Science and Man * (February 2005)
The Unity of Man and Science * (January 2005)
Edward Wilson: On the Arts and Science (December 2004)
Why Global Transformation and Not Globalization * (December 2004)
The Masters We Serve: The Gene and the Meme in Human Affairs * (November 2004)
"Making Special": An Undescribed Human Universal and the Core of a Behavior of Art * (November 2004)
Attaining Peace in Divided Societies: 5 Principles of Emerging Doctrine * (October 2004)
Saint Paul's Homage to Plato * (April 2004)
In Pursuit of Happiness * (September 2003)
Toward a Revolution in Macroeconomics * (August 2003)
Sufism: The Path of Love * (July 2003)
Death and the Law * (May 2003)
America Today (November 2001)
Fathers of Faith (September 1999)
Life Before Death (July 1998)
Is Legalized Gambling Worth the Cost? (March 1997)
Advertising and Ethics (September 1996)
The Zen of Sports (July 1996)
The Debate Over Origins: Creationism or Evolution? (January 1996)
Artificial Intelligence: Oxymoron or New Frontier? (July 1995)
Animal Rights and Human Morality (April 1995)
Higher Education, Lower Standards (March 1995)
The Ethics of Biotechnology (December 1994)
What Is Literature? Teaching and the Canon (October 1994)
Gifts from the Greeks (February 1994)
The Limits of Tolerance (November 1993)
Homosexuality: New Virtue or Old Vice? (October 1993)
Managing Mortality: The Ethics of Euthanasia (March 1993)
T.S. Eliot on the Aims of Education, Part 2 (February 1993)
T.S. Eliot on the Aims of Education (January 1993)
Xenophon and the Making of a Political Leader (November 1992)
Preserving the Earth: Beyond Ideology (July 1992)
The Preschool Years: Enhancing Classroom Readiness (January 1992)
America At Work: No More Business As Usual (October 1991)
Literature and the Human Condition (July 1991)
Morality in the Marketplace (December 1990)
In Search of American Character (May 1990)
Justice and the Public Morality (March 1990)
Human Transformation: The Concept of Self in East and West (August 1989)
The Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence (June 1989)
Natural Rights (March 1989)
Historical Consciousness and Cultural Continuity (January 1989)
Sports in the Contemporary World (October 1988)
Interpreters of an Uncertain Age (September 1988)
Literary Modernism: From Hardy to Pound (June 1988)
The Politics of Liberation Theology (May 1988)
The Hero And Society (February 1988)
The Presidency (January 1988)
The Recovery of Virtue (December 1987)
Biotechnology and Ethics (November 1987)
An Appreciation of Michael Polanyi (August 1987)
The Role of Myth in Culture (July 1987)
Neo-Marxism (June 1987)
On Reading Nietzche (May 1987)
Religion and Modernity (February 1987)
Intellectuals in a Changing Society (January 1987)
Neoconservatism Continued (October 1986)
Neoconservatism and the American Right (September 1986)
Reconsidering Plato (August 1986)
Politics And Its Discontents (August 1986)
Eastern Wisdom and Modern Science (May 1986)
The Direction of Social Welfare (April 1986)
The Challenge of Modernity (February 1986)
The Sacred and the Challenge of Modernity (February 1986)

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