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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Religion"
Understanding Pope Benedict XVI's Commentary on Islam * (November 2006)
Are Non-Theocratic Regimes Possible? * (November 2006)
Putin's War with Radical Islamists * (May 2006)
Religious Tolerance vs. Muslim Rage * (May 2006)
Evil Eye Exorcism in Istanbul * (April 2006)
The Complex Ties Between Capitalism and Christianity * (February 2006)
Religious Freedom as a Way to World Peace * (February 2006)
The Mysticism of the Sufis: A Possible Counterweight to Radical Islamism? * (December 2005)
Muslims Need to Stress Social Peace More Than Religious or Cultural Chauvinism * (November 2005)
The Power of Religion--in Architecture and Culture * (October 2005)
How Ancient Wisdom Can Create Honest Businessmen * (October 2005)
Christian Missionaries and Third-World Development * (September 2005)
Can Islam 'Reform' Itself?: The Test Case of Tariq Ramadan * (September 2005)
The Confucian Approach to Reconciliation and Harmony * (September 2005)
Peacefulness Is at the Core of Islam * (June 2005)
The Muslim World's Struggles With the Concept of Democracy * (May 2005)
Avignon's ''Odd Couple'': The Popes and Jews of Medieval Provence * (April 2005)
Bhutan's Emphasis on Expanding "Gross National Happiness" * (March 2005)
Harnessing Religion in the Quest for Peace * (March 2005)
Religion and the Clash of Civilizations * (February 2005)
The Passion Top Religion Event of 2004 * (February 2005)
Preventing Conflict by Understanding Islam * (February 2005)
How the Media Miss the Religion Story * (September 2004)
Islam and the War of Ideas * (August 2004)
Rafting the Snake: Finding God in Idaho's Hell's Canyon * (June 2004)
Haitham Bundakji: Healer of Religious Hatred * (May 2004)
The Bible Is Their Battlefield: Archaeology and Israel's Right to Be * (May 2004)
Father Theodore Hesburgh: Priest, Peacemaker, Educator * (April 2004)
Saint Paul's Homage to Plato * (April 2004)
Dawud Assad: Islam Builder and Religion Linker * (February 2004)
Iraq's 'Ramadan Offensive' * (January 2004)
Did Christianity Go Wrong? * (January 2004)
A Ten Commandments Country? (January 2004)
'Pervasively Sectarian': The Issue of Vouchers * (December 2003)
African Islamism, From Below * (December 2003)
Owners of Virtue: Burmese Buddhist Nuns * (October 2003)
Donald Stephens: Angel of Mercy * (October 2003)
Wallace Deen Mohammad: From Black Muslim to Black and Muslim * (September 2003)
Legacy of Light: Quakers in America * (August 2003)
The Cross and Crescent in Today's World (July 2003)
Ravi Shankar: Humanitarian Swami * (July 2003)
Among the Uighurs: Muslim Minority of West China * (March 2003)
Connie Driscoll: Regenerating Street Women * (February 2003)
On the Brink: Secular and Religious Forces Pull Egyptian Women * (January 2003)
Sex, Lies, and Vaticangate * (December 2002)
Walter Fauntroy: Civil Rights Superstar * (December 2002)
Why the India-Pakistan Crisis Matters (May 2002)
The Global Persecution of the Faithful (December 2000)
Faith And Our Schools (December 1999)
Fathers of Faith (September 1999)
The Feminist Attack on Religion (June 1999)
The Global Reality of Religious Persecution (December 1998)
Israel At 50 (May 1998)
Religion in the Arts (April 1998)
Inside the Vatican (December 1997)
Taking the Mystery Out of Islam (September 1997)
Do We Need the Parental Rights Amendment? (May 1997)
Is Legalized Gambling Worth the Cost? (March 1997)
Advertising and Ethics (September 1996)
The Zen of Sports (July 1996)
Is Religion Good for Your Health? (February 1996)
The Debate Over Origins: Creationism or Evolution? (January 1996)
Assessing Waco, One Year Later (June 1994)
Gifts from the Greeks (February 1994)
Religion and the Secular Prejudice (May 1993)
T.S. Eliot on the Aims of Education, Part 2 (February 1993)
The Mideast After the Gulf War (April 1992)
Racism: Shall We Overcome? (February 1992)
The 21st Century: Prospects for a Global Community (March 1991)
Islam and the Modern World (February 1991)
Religion and Liberal Society (January 1991)
In Search of American Character (May 1990)
The Arab World and The West (February 1990)
Ethnic Nationalism in Europe (December 1989)
A Palestinian State: Has Its Time Come? (September 1989)
Israel At 40 (May 1988)
The Politics of Liberation Theology (May 1988)
The Recovery of Virtue (December 1987)
The Middle East: What Lies Ahead? (August 1987)
Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life (February 1987)
Religion and Modernity (February 1987)
Syria: Behind the Bid for Regional Dominance (February 1987)
Neoconservatism Continued (October 1986)
Politics And Its Discontents (August 1986)
The Sanctuary Movement (July 1986)
Urbanization and the Arab World (June 1986)
Terrorism (March 1986)
The Sacred and the Challenge of Modernity (February 1986)

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