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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"
Left Behind: Estonia's Russians * (September 2004)
Have Patience as Russia Wrestles With Its Autocracy * (September 2004)
Ex-Soviet Republics Chafe at the West's Call for Rights: Seven Nations Seek to Relax Guidelines of OSCE * (August 2004)
Antiliberal Perestroika: A New 'Transition' in Russia * (August 2004)
Cradle of the Russian Soul * (May 2004)
China's 'Takeover' of Russia's Far East * (February 2004)
The Undoing of Pity * (January 2004)
St. Petersburg at 300 * (May 2003)
The Great Reindeer Trek: A Thousand Miles Across Siberia * (December 2002)
Russia Since the End of Communism (December 2001)
The New Eastern Europe (November 1999)
NATO Expansion, Russian Demise (August 1999)
Russia's Newest Revolution (November 1997)
Eastern Europe in Transition (December 1996)
Russia: What's Next? (September 1996)
Who Needs NATO? (October 1995)
Russia In Crisis (May 1995)
The New Democracies' Rocky Road (January 1994)
Russia: Is Reform Still Possible? (August 1993)
An Agenda for the New Clinton Administration (January 1993)
Russia: One Year After the Coup (August 1992)
The New Russian Revolution (November 1991)
U.S. and the Soviet Union: From Superpowers to Superpartners? (September 1991)
The Transformation of the Soviet Union (August 1991)
The Nonreforming Communist Nations (June 1990)
Building a Democratic Eastern Europe (May 1990)
Managing the Soviet Revolution (April 1990)
Ethnic Nationalism in Europe (December 1989)
Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet? (November 1989)
What Is Gorbachev Really Up To? (March 1989)
The Freeing of Eastern Europe? (August 1988)
U.S. Foreign Policy in the Age of Gorbachev (June 1988)
Arms Control (September 1987)
Glasnost: What It Is And Isn't (June 1987)
U.S./Soviet Relations: Détente (January 1987)
Assessing the Reagan Era (January 1987)
The War Over Star Wars (June 1986)
Studies on the Decline of the Soviet Empire (January 1986)

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