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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Foreign Policy "
Understanding Islam in a Post-September 11 World * (April 2006)
Hate's Inevitable Harvest: Sources of and Solutions for Middle East Hatred * (February 2006)
Pakistan and the U.S.: An Uneasy Alliance * (December 2005)
The Decline of U.S. Aid to the World's Poorest Countries * (December 2005)
The Strategic Need for a Peace-Building Military * (October 2005)
Mideast Peace Can't Be Coerced or Bought With Bribes * (October 2005)
Why They Hate America* (August 2005)
U.S. Power Is Mounting Throughout the Greater Mideast * (June 2005)
Energy, U.S. National Security, and the Mideast * (June 2005)
U.S. 'Harassment' of Venezuela's Leftist Chavez * (May 2005)
America's Quietly Consummated Missile Defense System * (April 2005)
Iraq and Vietnam: The Same Old Song * (March 2005)
The Coming Ethnological Revolution * (March 2005)
Legitimating U.S. Behavior in the World * (February 2005)
Banning Landmines in the American Century * (February 2005)
Who Should Be Blamed?: Neoconservatives and Their Critics (January 2005)
Fighting Terrorism Wirelessly * (January 2005)
Why Arabs Are Anti-U.S. * (January 2005)
Focusing on What Matters in the War on Terrorism * (December 2004)
A New Era of Western-Islamic Cooperation by Support for Community Development * (November 2004)
Using Technology to Buttress Homeland Security (November 2004)
Rebuilding Iraq: Despite Disarray, Immense U.S. Effort Picks Up Speed * (October 2004)
U.S. Loses Favor With British * (October 2004)
What Drives the Iraq Insurgency * (September 2004)
Clinton's Lost Chance to Catch Bin Laden * (August 2004)
Grand Strategy Against Terrorism * (August 2004)
Defeating Terrorism Through Engagement * (August 2004)
Analyzing al Qaeda and Protecting America * (May 2004)
A Hands-on Approach to Latin America * (April 2004)
Dr. Khan's Nuclear Confession * (April 2004)
The American Foreign Policy Tradition: Inspiration for Troubled Times * (April 2004)
Special Forces and the Campaign Against Terror * (March 2004)
Summit of the Americas * (March 2004)
The Capture of Saddam Hussein * (February 2004)
Intellectuals and Foreign Policy: From John King Fairbanks to Paul Wolfowitz * (February 2004)
Outsourcing America * (January 2004)
A Private Sector Surfaces in Vietnam * (November 2003)
War Coverage That Angered Everyone * (November 2003)
Losing Iraq by Failing to Rebuild It * (October 2003)
International Intervention in Liberia * (October 2003)
The Beginning of Electronic Warfare: Piercing the Iron Curtain * (October 2003)
President Bush's Africa Tour * (September 2003)
The Cost of Securing the Homeland * (August 2003)
The Aftermath of Iraq (August 2003)
How the Iraq War Was Seen Overseas * (July 2003)
Exporting Civil Society * (July 2003)
Seeds of North Korea's Contentiousness * (June 2003)
Rich Nations' Tariffs and Poor Nations' Growth * (June 2003)
To Catch a Conspirator * (May 2003)
U.S. and South Korea Start a New Dance * (May 2003)
Farm Subsidies or Feeding People * (May 2003)
The Arrest of Khalid Sheik Mohammed * (May 2003)
Canada: America's Northern Neighbor (May 2003)
UM Schmu 'em: The UN and the Iraqi Question * (April 2003)
Peace and the Palestinian Authority * (March 2003)
North Korean Flash Point * (March 2003)
Iraq in the Dock * (February 2003)
The Militarization of Central Asia: A Violent Theater of Operation * (February 2003)
What Lies Ahead for Korea? (January 2003)
Defusing Dangers to U.S. Security * (January 2003)
Let's Finish the Job * (December 2002)
Intelligence Failures of 9/11: What the Lessons of History Show * (December 2002)
Let's Not Be Hasty * (December 2002)
Protecting the American Homeland (October 2002)
Defending America After September 11 (June 2002)
A New Kind of War (March 2002)
President George W. Bush's First Year (February 2002)
Terrorism: A New Kind of War (December 2001)
The Clinton Legacy (July 2001)
The US. and the E.U.: The World's Leading Economic Relationship (April 2001)
A New Agenda for the New President (January 2001)
Clinton's World (September 1999)
Our (Dis)Armed Forces? (July 1997)
Time to End U.S. Foreign Aid? (June 1997)
The Five Great Challenges Facing America (January 1996)
Where in the World is Clinton Going? (January 1995)
The U.S. and China: Forging a New Relationship (June 1993)
America: The World's Policeman? (April 1993)
An Agenda for the New Clinton Administration (January 1993)
The U.S. and the New Third World (May 1992)
U.S. and the Soviet Union: From Superpowers to Superpartners? (September 1991)
America at the Crossroads: The Aftermath of the Gulf War (July 1991)
America's Defense: How Much Is Enough Now? (April 1990)
A U.S. Strategy for the Unpredictable Nineties (January 1990)
The New George H. W. Bush Administration: What Is To Be Done? (January 1989)
U.S. Foreign Policy in the Age of Gorbachev (June 1988)
Arms Control (September 1987)
Separation of Powers and National Security (August 1987)
South Africa: What Is To Be Done? (July 1987)
Trade Legislation: Seeking the Right Balance (May 1987)
Vietnam Reconsidered: Lessons From a War (April 1987)
U.S./Soviet Relations: Détente (January 1987)
Espionage and the Information Age (November 1986)
The War Over Star Wars (June 1986)

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