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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Public Policy "
Government Should Aid Public Health, Not Meddle in Personal Health Issues * (May 2005)
Alleviating a Drug Scourge * (April 2005)
The Medicare Sky Is Not Falling * (March 2005)
Any Hope for Power Deregulation? * (January 2005)
The Horrors of Housing on Indian Reservations * (January 2005)
Welfare-Recipient Decline Is Only a Part of the Picture * (December 2004)
How to Exit the Health-Care Quicksand * (September 2004)
Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Anti-Immigration Movement * (September 2004)
Executing Underage Killers * (August 2004)
Not 'Unadoptable': New Effort to Find Homes for Older Foster Children * (August 2004)
Matthew Daniels: Undergirding Marriage * (June 2004)
Does Abortion Access Protect Women's Health? * (June 2004)
Why the Law Should Discourage Some Sexual Practices * (June 2004)
Charter Schools: Facts, Fictions, Future * (May 2004)
Building Civic Participation: Regaining a Social Voice * (May 2004)
What Did They Mean by That? * (May 2004)
Unions and the Economy * (April 2004)
Turning a New 'Paige' * (April 2004)
Why the U.S. Needs an Official Language * (December 2003)
Introduction: What Kind of Country Do We Want to Live In? * (November 2003)
Share the Burden or Fob It Off?: National Service and a Common Vision * (November 2003)
The Future of Energy (November 2003)
Minimum Wage or 'Living' Wage? * (October 2003)
Decriminalizing Homosexuality * (October 2003)
Rethinking America's Safety Net: How to Redesign Program Incentives for Better Outcomes * (May 2003)
Death and the Law * (May 2003)
Taxes: How Much Is Enough? (April 2003)
Congress and Prescription Drugs: Quick Fixes Are Toxins * (March 2003)
Congress and Prescription Drugs: It Is Time to Get Involved * (March 2003)
Social Security and Its Discontents * (January 2003)
In Search of Monsters to Destroy: The Causes and Costs of the Bush Doctrine * (January 2003)
Assisted Dying: Grand Larceny and Attempted Murder by Supposed Caregivers * (January 2003)
Proposals for Education (March 2002)
The Clinton Legacy (July 2001)
The National Energy Crisis (June 2001)
A New Agenda for the New President (January 2001)
Public Education and Public Choice (September 2000)
The Many Faces of America (May 2000)
Is It a War on Drugs? (February 2000)
Is Welfare Reform Working? (January 2000)
Saving Social Security (July 1999)
The Medicare Challenge (March 1999)
Should Race Be a Basis for Government Policy? (September 1998)
The Rise--And Fall?--Of Affirmative Action (June 1998)
The Crime Decline--Yes And No (October 1997)
Privitization, Education, Pork (September 1997)
Unleashing Tax Reform (May 1997)
Gun Control: Crime or Crime Stopper? (February 1997)
Saving Social Security (November 1995)
Health-Care Rationing? (October 1995)
Reforming Welfare (September 1995)
Saving our Children (July 1995)
The All-New Congress (April 1995)
Changing the Face of American Education (October 1994)
The Welfare Reform We Really Need (May 1994)
Dollars and Disease (April 1994)
How Violent Is America? (April 1994)
Immigration: Boon or Bane to the U.S.? (January 1994)
Can America Survive Clintonomics? (December 1993)
Clinton's Cultural Revolution (October 1993)
The Explosive Politics of Aging (May 1993)
Welfare: Rethinking the Contract (September 1992)
Health Care in America: Is There a Cure? (June 1992)
Abortion: The Battle Redefined (May 1992)
Public Broadcasting: Private Agenda? (February 1992)
America's New Homeless (December 1991)
America's Crumbling Infrastructure: Losing Wealth Through the Cracks (August 1991)
Growing Old in America (December 1988)
Hispanics: America's Fastest Growing Minority (September 1988)
The U.S. Economy: How Good, How Bad? (July 1988)
The Politics of AIDS (November 1987)
Immigration Reform (January 1987)
Battling the Drug Leviathan (October 1986)
Getting Government Under Control (February 1986)

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