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The World & I Online’s ESL Program offers both English-language support and inspiration to help students achieve their full potential through Reading Comprehension (Advanced and Simplified), Vocabulary, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, and the American Culture Corner.

Each week you will find an article highlighting some aspect of American life. For reading comprehension, the article will come in two forms: first, an Advanced Level, presenting it in its original form as an authentic resource used by native English speakers -- a great way to study for the TOEFL -- and second, in a Simplified Level for newer ESL students. Each version will include the written text, an audio clip of the text read by a real American, and a set of comprehension questions.

For the Advanced Level we will present TOEFL-simulated comprehension questions, and the Simplified Level will come with basic comprehension questions. The Advanced comprehension questions will measure the students’ ability to read, understand, and analyze passages similar in topic and style to those that North American students encounter in their education. Students will be questioned on their ability to infer the meaning of a word from the context of the passage, identify the main idea of the passage, and make inferences about the author’s meaning.

After answering the questions, students may print them out for their teacher. The answer key will be
published at the end of the next week’s article.

Special Features

Vocabulary: Our Vocabulary section will be updated each week with ten new words that ESL students often encounter on American standardized tests. They will include the part of speech, definition, synonyms, and sample usage in a sentence, as well as an audio clip of the word. This is an invaluable resource for both you and your students!

Idioms: Experts say that the foreign learner of English who tries to avoid idioms will immediately single himself out as a foreigner. Each week we will present you with a short list of idioms grouped by theme, complete with explanations and sample sentence usage.

Phrasal Verbs: Learning phrasal verbs is one key to boosting a student’s English fluency. Here we’ll present a compilation of themed phrasal verbs each week. For example, one week you’ll find phrasal verbs using the verb “to turn,” and another week a section using the verb “to look.”

American Culture Corner: Here you will find a wealth of articles on American culture, from its art and music to its folktales and lifestyles, published by The World & I over the past 20 years.

ESL Archive: The complete contents of each week’s ESL page -- the Advanced and Simplified articles with audio versions and questions, plus vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, and proverbs -- will be stored in our ESL Archive at the end of each week. The Archive will be categorized by article topic, and once you click on an article it will bring up the full contents of that week.

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