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Cultural Images

  Demographics Results: Nicaragua
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Country Nicaragua

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Region Central America
Area (sq km) 130,370
Border Costa Rica, Honduras
Population 5,907,881
Nationality Nicaraguan(s)
Ethnicity mestizo 69%, white 17%, black 9%, Amerindian 5%
Religion Roman Catholic 58.5%, Evangelical 21.6%, Moravian 1.6%, Jehovah's Witness 0.9%, other 1.7%, none 15.7%
Language Spanish, Miskito, English, and more
Literacy 68%
Government Republic
Capital Managua
Leader President Daniel Ortega Saavedra (since January 10, 2007); Vice President Moises Omar Halleslevens Acevedo (since January 10, 2012)
Currency Cordoba (NIO)
Independence Day Sept. 15, 1821 (from Spain)
National Holiday Independence Day (Sept. 15, 1821)
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