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Caring for the World's Catastrophe-Displaced Homeless

The Muslim World's Struggles With the Concept of Democracy

The Jerusalem Circus: A Symbol of Hope

Quanah Parker: Last Chief of the Comanches


Reformers Take On Egypt's Old Guard * (September 2004)
Tourists Continue Flocking to Egypt * (August 2004)

A Mother's Day: Today's Women Seek More Respect for the Tradition * (August 2004)
Does American Democracy Fall Short? (April 2004)

Taiwan Dances on a Tightrope: Prospective New Constitution Irritates Beijing * (September 2004)
In Search of Magic and Mystery in Tibet * (September 2004)

Europe's Special Military Skills Can Provide It Influence in U.S * (September 2004)
The Marvelous Spectacles of Olympia and Marathon: The Roots of the Olympics and Marathon Racing * (June 2004)

Haitham Bundakji: Healer of Religious Hatred * (May 2004)
May a Good Year Be Sealed: Tensions Disturb the Paris Jewish Community * (April 2004)
    Latin American

Latin America In Flux (September 2004)
Haiti's Governmental Crisis * (May 2004)
A Hands-on Approach to Latin America * (April 2004)
    Middle Eastern

What Drives the Iraq Insurgency * (September 2004)
Parallels Between Iraq and America's 1899 War in the Philippines * (September 2004)

Left Behind: Estonia's Russians * (September 2004)
Have Patience as Russia Wrestles With Its Autocracy * (September 2004)
  Peers into the roots and psyche of exotic cultures through 100+ worldwide folktales.
  Studies the heritage and experience of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural groups in the U.S. today.
  Whatever our country or culture, its moments of celebration are filled with color, emotion, exhilaration.
  Introduces the peoples of the world in the context of their own values, perceptions, and environments.
  Trek up Adamís Peak in Sri Lanka, embark on a safari in Kenya, canoe down the Missouri River of Montana.
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