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Country Eritrea

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Region Eastern Africa
Area (sq km) 117,600
Area (sq mile) 46,842
Border Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan
Population 6,527,689
Nationality Eritrean(s)
Ethnic Tigrinya 55%, Tigre 30%, Saho 4%, Kunama 2%, Rashaida 2%, Bilen 2%, Afar, Beni Amir, Nera, and other 5%
Religion Muslim, Coptic Christian, Roman Catholic, Protestant
Language Tigrinya, Arabic, English, and more
Literacy 68%
Government Transitional Government with Constitutional Attempts
Capital Asmara (Asmera)
Leader President Isaias Afworki (since June 8, 1993)
Currency Nakfa (ERN)
Independence Day May 24, 1993 (from Ethiopia)
National Holiday Independence Day (May 24, 1993)
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