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Just as each Christian country displays its own unique culture, molded on the wheel of its history and geography, so each Islamic country has a culture that is uniquely its own--vibrant, colorful, and enchanting. Even though all of the cultures are different from one another, they are bound together by the common thread of Islam. The articles in this section touch upon Islamic culture in many of the places the religion of the Prophet Mohammed reached: from Senegal to Turkey, Bangladesh to Iraq, China to Bosnia-Herzegovina. And two of them even explore the realm of Islamic medicine.
Senegal: The Islam of Sufi Orders
The Turkish People in Transition
Cousins and Gunmen: Crisis and Resilience in Somalia
The Prophet's Medicine: Part Two: Maintaining Good Health
Searching for Identity: The Independent States of Central Asia: Part One
Al-Hayat al-Taqlidiyya: Traditional Life in Algeria
The Poetry of Kurdistan: Language Embodies Kurdish National Unity
The Prophet's Medicine: Part One: The Medieval Islamic View of Man
No Free Lunch: Small Steps to Development in Bangladesh
Patterns of Moon, Patterns of Sun
Mystical Islam Deters Fundamentalism
Where Sports Replace Terror
  The Religion of the Qur'an

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