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The arts have flourished worldwide in all periods of human history, and Islam, no less than any other culture, has produced (and is producing) its own breathtaking aesthetic creations in all artistic disciplines. The articles in this section give a few hints of the range and depth of Islamic art. They touch upon Turkish ballet, Bosnian orchestral music, Arabic and Persian book paintings, films from the Maghreb region of North Africa, Ottoman painting and pottery, and Middle Eastern experimental theater.
Turkish Ballet Comes of Age
Music in Arab Life
Vever Collection: Arab, Persian, and Indian Works
Varying Shades of Desert Talent: Experimental Theater in the Middle East
Symphony and Dissonance: Uniting Bosnia Through Music
al-Sabah Collection: Treasures of Islamic Art
Movies of the Maghreb
The Art of Islamic Spain
  The Religion of the Qur'an

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How Muslims See the U.S.









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