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The bread and butter of the news media is the ebb and flow and hurly-burly of global politics. And the Muslim world certainly provides reporters and editors with no shortage of juicy stories to publish, broadcast, and post. But it's not only about Islamic extremism and its terrorist manifestation. There are the history-pivoting stories about the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, the development of the nuclear "Islamic bomb" by Pakistan in the unstable Indian subcontinent, and the ever pushing-the-envelope Iran. This section's articles touch on a few of the world's many Muslim political stories. Here, for example, there are articles on the geostrategic importance of Turkey, democratic tendencies in several North African countries, and the nuclear tripwire which is Kashmir.
Democracy in the Desert
Turkey: Geostrategic Stronghold
Iran on the Rocks?
Binding Religion and Politics
Morocco's Rocky Road to Modernity
Pan-Arabism and the Arab State in Arab Eyes
Need to Tear Down Another Wall
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