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Special Reports on  " Environmental Science"

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Special Report

2042: A Choice of Futures

Science and technology affect human dstiny so profoundly that we are compelled to try to foresee their developments and social consequences, even 50 years into the future.
Illustration by Robert Sprouse 

Predicting the future has always fascinated and interested mankind. The interest is beyond wanting to know the future, to wanting to be ...

Materials and Energy
Earth's natural resources will be converted to useful energy and products, and conserved by recycling, with unprecedented efficiency. ...

The Universal Robot
The development of intelligent machines may proceed until, like children, they inherit everything that we are. ...

Transportation and Communication
Faster, cheaper means of moving people, materials, and information will emerge--if consumer demand is great enough. ...

Micro- and Macro-Biological Technologies
Reading the molecular book of life, researchers will solve problems ranging from hereditary diseases to food shortages and overpopulation. ...

Biomedical Technologies
Machines will give physicians imperial powers of diagnosis, therapy, transplantation, and control of body functions. ...

Inhabiting the Oceans
Life on the sea, on floating, man-made islands, could become a worthwhile and environmentally sound alternative to life on land ...

Living in Space
Life in the future may depend on those who enjoy living on inside-out worlds that supply earth with clean energy. ...

A Visit to Belindia
Awakening from cryonic suspension in the 2040s brings good news and bad news. ...

A Utopian World
Abundance, tolerance, local autonomy, global reconciliation, and hope prevail....

An Address to the Council
The chairman of the World Council reports that only a radical transformation of technologies can avert total disaster. ...

A Land of Empty Abundance?
The power and wealth from technology will be squandered if the wellsprings of morality are not renewed. ...

A Nightmare
The world will be dominated by computers, drugs, and genetic engineering to totally control human society. ...

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