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Special Reports on  " Technology"

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Special Report

The National Energy Crisis

Americans consume one quarter of the world's electricity and are learning from the California energy crisis that power does not originate from a hole in the wall. California's continuing blackouts underscore the possibility of a national energy crisis unless steps are taken to ensure America's power supply.
The World & I 
The easiest thing in the world: The modern age takes for granted the power that affects every aspect of our lives.

Introduction As an economic superpower, America requires enormous amounts of energy to keep going. Each year it consumes ...

America's Power Needs
Electrical consumers demand an adequate supply, reasonable price, and minimal government role in meeting their energy requirements. ...

Will California Learn From Pennsylvania and Texas?
By building new power plants and maintaining an energy surplus, Pennsylvania and Texas provide an important lesson for citizens of the Golden State. ...

Ensuring An Adequate Power Supply
Five courses of action will ensure an adequate and reasonably priced supply of electric power....

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