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Special Reports on  " Technology"

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Special Report

What's Next for Genetically Modified Foods?

Genetic modification can make crops pest-resistant and provide other benefits. However, suspicions in Europe about the impact on humans has led to a heated international controversy.
Courtesy of Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture 
A plant geneticist at a research station in California examines wheat plants that have received a gene for modifying starch production.

In October 1999 Robert Shapiro, the chairman of Monsanto, one of the major multinational corporations developing and marketing genetically ...

India: Resist Genetically Modified Foods, Unless ...
Indians will strongly resist efforts to replace numerous local crop varieties with a few genetically modified organisms, unless these efforts follow principles of bioethics, biosafety, biodiversity conservation, and biopartnerships. ...

U.K.: Improve Methods and Test Genetically Modified Foods
All foods produced by artificially manipulating the genome should be subjected to rigorous drug-trial type tests before they are marketed, so nonfood applications of the technology are more likely to be developed. ...

U.S.: Develop and Deploy Genetically Modified Foods
Our best hope for feeding humanity lies in using biotechnology to produce transgenic crops that provide higher nutritional content, require less fertilizer and pesticide, and thrive in stressful conditions. ...

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