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Special Reports on  " Biology"

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Special Report

Life Before Death

Death is the dirty secret at the heart of technological progress. While medical science may prolong life, debate about the quality of that life has produced the movement for physician-assisted suicide. How do different societies cope with the end of life?
Bill Pugliano/UPI Photo Service 
A somber-looking Jack Kevorkian sits in Judge Jessica Cooper's courtroom while awaiting the jury's verdict March 26, 1999. Kevorkian was convicted of 1st degree murder.

Although many prefer not to think about it, 2.3 million Americans die every year. How do they die? Heart disease ...

How Do We Die?
We often go to extraordinary lengths to avoid thinking about the one predictable fact of human existence: one day we shall die. ...

Mortality Around the World
From Japan to the Netherlands, death is a major part of how we reveal ourselves. ...

Facing Death With True Dignity
Experience shows that dying patients need to prepare themselves spiritually. ...

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