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Worldwide Ceremonies & Festivities

Whatever our country or culture, its moments of celebration are filled with color, emotion, exhilaration. We bring out our fineries--the best that we have of food, clothing, and yes, even our manners--to display and share with others. It is a time for generosity and hospitality. Dancing, singing, and storytelling create a blithe ambience devoid of worries. We stir with excitement over parades, games, and the exchanging of gifts. It is this vibrancy of our festive times in life that has been captured by this fascinating collection.

Country Title Issue
  Festival Provides Opportunity for Korean-American Expression Dec 2012
Algeria  Sun, Salt, and Caravans: The Nomadic Tuareg of Algiers Jul 1987
Algeria  Al-Hayat al-Taqlidiyya: Traditional Life in Algeria Apr 1988
Austria  The Glöcklerlauf: Midwinter Celebration in Austria's Ebensee Jan 2002
Belgium  Summons to Spring: The Gilles of Binche, Belgium Feb 2001
Belgium  Triumph of the Good: Mons, Belgium, Celebrates Its Patron Saints Jun 2004
Belgium  Come Here, Come Here: Belgium Celebrates St. Nicholas' Day Dec 1997
Belize  The Mennonites of Spanish Lookout Jun 1989
Belize  The Dugu: Health and Healing in Garifuna Societies Jan 1991
Bhutan  Bhutan's Tshechu: Festivals in the Land of the Thunder Dragon Jan 1993
Brazil  Irmandade da Boa Morte: Brazil's Sisterhood of Our Lady of the Good Death Nov 1990
Brazil  Bakairi Indian Masks Feb 1989
Brazil  Sustainable Fashion Born in Brazil’s Favelas Dec 2012
Bulgaria  Honoring the Alphabet: Bulgaria's Cyril and Methodius Day May 1996
Bulgaria  Behind the Mask: Bulgaria's Koukeri Ritual Jan 1999
Burma  Lighting the Way: A Myanmar Journey Oct 1999
Canada  The Mock Wedding: Folk Drama on the Saskatchewan Prairie Sep 1990
Canada  Mumming in Newfoundland Dec 1988
Chile  Dieciocho: Chile's Month-Long Independence 'Day' Sep 2006
China  People of the 'Wind and Rain' Bridge: China's Dong Nationality Jan 1993
China  The Light of Yuan Hsiao: Origins of the Chinese Lantern Festival Feb 1993
Colombia  Whites and Blacks: Epiphany in the Colombian Andes Jan 2001
Denmark  A Joyful Day: Denmark's Rebild Fest Celebrates U.S. Independence Day Jul 1995
Ecuador   Fortress of the Otavalo Spirit Jan 1988
Ethiopia  Gondar Timqat: The Persistence of Christian Tradition in Ethiopia Feb 1993
Ethiopia  Falasha of Ethiopia Dec 1987
Ethiopia  Bringing Ethiopian Easter to America Apr 2011
Finland  The Year Turns: Christmas Eve Illuminates Finland's Darkest Days Dec 1998
France  Carnival in Nice Feb 1987
Georgia  Georgia: Toasting Its Memory and Future Jul 1990
Germany  Oberammergau's Easter Play: Passion 2000 Apr 2000
Germany  Christkindlmarkt: Nuremberg's Christ Child Market Dec 1990
Germany  Where Beer Rules: The Calendar and Munich's Bavarian Identity Apr 1997
Ghana  A Joyful Funeral: Ghana's Rite of Eternal Rest May 2000
Guatemala  Rooster Race: Day of the Dead in Todos Santos, Guatemala Nov 1999
Guatemala  To Soften the Path: Sawdust Carpets in Guatemala's Easter Celebrations Apr 1995
Iceland  Long Night of Dreams: Midwinter Celebrations in Iceland Jan 1996
India  The Pushkar Fair Aug 1988
India  Nectar of the Moon: Worshiping Khandoba in Jejuri, India Apr 1994
India  Anointing Lord Bahubali: Indian Jains Celebrate Mahamastakabhisheka Aug 1994
India  Inscribe His Name: Tattoos and India's Ramnaami Community Feb 1997
India  Temple Giants: Elephants in the Culture of Kerala Feb 2002
India  'Hail Narmadama': The Richness of India's Narmada Pilgrimage Oct 1992
India  Cremations in Varanasi Oct 1991
India  No One Is Too Poor: Harvest Festivity in India's Southernmost State Aug 1992
India  Trichur Pooram: Elephant Festival in Kerala Jan 1992
India  Washington Celebrates Maximum India May 2011
India  The Mystique of India's Snake Charming Feb 2005
Indonesia  The Dani of Irian Jaya Feb 1990
Indonesia  One Sure Thing: The Endurance of Balinese Tradition Dec 1999
Indonesia  As Fleeting as Mist: Funeral Celebrations in Torajaland Feb 1995
Indonesia  Releasing Body and Soul: Double Burial Among the Tetum Mar 1996
Indonesia  Liberation Through Fire: Cremations in Bali Jun 1988
Iran  A Qashqa'i Wedding Nov 1986
Israel  The Jerusalem Circus: A Symbol of Hope May 2005
Israel  Fire on the Mountain: Honoring a Mystic in Northern Israel May 2001
Israel  Moroccans Celebrate in Israel: Finding Their Place Apr 2003
Istanbul  Bird Watching Takes Off in Istanbul Oct 2012
Italy  150 Years of Italy Apr 2011
Italy  Renewed Promise: Cori's Festive Flag-Wavers May 1997
Japan  “Uchinanchu” Okinawa Homecoming! Nov 2012
Japan  Keeping Back the Rains: Origins and Function of Japan's Gion Festivals Jul 1992
Japan  Small and Pretty: Japanese Hina Dolls Mar 1991
Kenya  Samburu of Loiyangalani Feb 1990
Kenya  Four Days for the Prophet: Kenya's Maulidi Festival Celebrates the Birth of Muhammad Sep 1998
Kenya  Mystique of the Masai: The 'Chosen' People of East Africa Mar 1987
Korea, South  Korea's Lunar New Year Feb 1988
Korea, South  Kohui: The Korean Seventieth Birthday Celebration Oct 1990
Madagascar  Making Ancestors: Funerary Traditions of the Malagasy Mar 1988
Malta  More Music for the Saints: Religious Feasts in Malta May 1990
Mexico  Two Sides of the Same Reality: Mexico's El Dia de los Muertos Nov 1990
Mexico  Dancing Through Time: The Lengendary Parachicos of Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico Dec 1991
Mexico  The Flute Calls: Totonac Voladores: Ritual Fliers of Mexico Jun 1991
Mexico  Triste Navidad: Symbolism and Sad Christmas in Chiapas Dec 1998
Mexico  El Nino Fidencio: Celebrating Mexico's Folk Healer Mar 1997
Morocco  Marriage in Morocco Feb 1988
Nepal  Ghanto Jatra: Gurung Tribal Festival in Nepal May 1992
Nepal  Joy and Chaos at a Gurung Wedding Jun 2006
Norway  Yelling Farewell: Norway's Graduates Celebrate the End of High School May 2000
Norway  Norway's Crowning City: Trondheim Celebrates Its Millennium Oct 1997
Peru  Festival of the Sun: Reviving an Inca Celebration in Cuzco, Peru Oct 1993
Philippines  Fiesta and Community: Philippine Folk Culture, Part One Dec 1991
Poland  Visiting the Deceased: Poland's All Saints' Celebration Nov 1991
Poland  Of Miracles, Faith, and Family: The Veneration of the Virgin in Poland Jan 1991
Portugal  The Dead and the Living in Minho Apr 1988
Portugal  Behind the Mountains: Life in Portugal's Remote Tras-os-Montes Dec 2001
Qatar  Islam: Recurring Happiness Jan 2000
Russia  Northern Star: Moscow Celebrates Its 850th Anniversary Sep 1997
Russia  Grateful Memory, Present Hope Aug 1988
Senegal  A Return to Nature: Rethinking Female Circumcision in Africa Jun 2006
Singapore  We Perform for the Gods Jan 1988
Spain  Fiesta in Almonte Jul 1988
Taiwan  The Return of the Immortal Paiwan Oct 1987
Thailand  Living Among the Akha, Thailand's Largest Hill Tribe May 2006
Tibet  A Tibetan Rodeo: Annual Festivities and Games in Naxqu Feb 1993
Trinidad and Tobago   'All Ahh We Is One': Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago Mar 1997
Turkey  Mevlevis Dance to an Old World Song May 1994
Turkey  Evil Eye Exorcism in Istanbul Apr 2006
Turkey  New Year’s Celebrations Gain Acceptance in Turkey Feb 2010
Ukraine  Little Sunshine: Ukraine's Love for the Sunflower Apr 1996
United Kingdom  Stag and Earth Mother: Pagan Beliefs in Ancient Britain Dec 1988
United Kingdom  Garlanding the Well: Dressing Village Wells in Britain's Peak District May 1991
United States  Be Ready to Dance: Festivities Along Louisiana’s Back Roads May 2010
United States  The Kutztown Folk Festival Sep 2010
United States  Neighborhood: The Adams Morgan Day Festival Oct 2010
United States  Korus 2010: Celebrating Korean-American Culture Oct 2010
United States  Christmas Eve in St. Augustine Dec 2010
United States  They Dance for Rain: The Hopis Jun 1987
United States  The Flathead Indians Nov 1987
United States  This Day Might Inflame: Valentine Customs Through the Ages Feb 1994
United States  Welcomed Guests: The Day of the Dead Crosses the Border Nov 1996
Vanuatu  Hurtling to Life: The Land Divers of Pentecost Island Apr 2003
Wales  On Being Welsh: Old and New Shape Wales' Identity Mar 2001
Zambia  Kuomboka: The Ritual Voyage of the Lozi Paramount Mar 1989
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