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     Like all forms of art, architecture has passed through many stages of development, from the rudimentary dwellings of primitive man to the grandiose structures of ancient Rome, to the ornate style of the Baroque period, to the rigidity of Modernism, to the manifold experiments with everything in between. All reflect the character and perspective of the architect.

     “The house ... is a machine for living in,” the French architect Le Corbusier thundered. "It is a machine destined to serve as a useful aid for rapidity and precision in our work, a tireless and thoughtful machine to satisfy the needs of the body: comfort.”

     Italian architect Aldo Rossi once confessed, “I have a dream of great civil architecture; not the concordance of discords, but the city that is beautiful because of the wealth and variety it contains. I believe in the city of the future for this reason. It is a place where the fragments of something once broken are recomposed.”

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     Our Architecture collection is positively fascinating in its survey of master builders, past and present, from around the world. Here you’ll discover for yourself just how many approaches there are to constructing buildings, communities, cities, and more.

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