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Uzbekistan's Tiles of Infinity  (Dec 2009)
Frank Lloyd Wright's Japanese Legacy  (Apr 2006)
Kyoto's Clash of Old and New Angers Critics  (Nov 2005)
Hafeez Contractor: Blending Old and New in India  (Aug 2003)
Hafeez Contractor: Reflecting on Success  (Aug 2003)
Japan's Touch: The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens  (Aug 2002)
Vastu Shastra's Resurgence: India's Feng Shui  (Feb 2002)
Ch'angdokkung Palace: Korea's Best-Kept Secret  (Aug 1999)
Tadao Ando: Japan's Pritzker Perfect Architect  (Nov 1995)
Shin Takamatsu: A Japanese Original  (Jul 1993)
Megalopolis Over Tokyo  (Jul 1991)
Lifting the Indonesian Veil  (Sep 1990)
Creating Modern Japanese Architecture  (Nov 1988)
Kenzo Tange and Arata Isozaki: Two Giants of Japanese Architecture  (Jul 1987)

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