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     It seems man was born with an innate need to express himself through art. From the prehistoric Lascaux paintings in France to the contorted Cubist faces by Picasso, art bears witness to the sense of fulfillment we gain by looking at the world around us and, in a sense, re-creating it through a particular medium based on our personal perceptions.

     As with all artistic media, art both mirrors the contemporary society and shapes it, leading the way into the future be it to greater heights or further decline. Great art, like great music, transforms us by its beauty. It speaks to the soul across the ages, whether expressing the joy, the sorrow, or the healing process of life.

Mixed Media

Indigenous Art

Poster & Print Making
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Festivals, Museums & Schools

     In our Art collection you will find a wealth of insight into the lives and works of both famous and little-known artists in the realms of painting, sculpture, indigenous art, and more, as well as coverage of some of the leading art museums, art schools, and art festivals. Expand your understanding of the world of art by exploring this fascinating collection.
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