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Indigenous Art

Indigenous Art
Art and Culture in Northern Portugal: From Ancient Rock Art to Contemporary Installations (Sep 2013)
Caribbean Rhapsody (Sep 2012)
Crafts from Cuenca: A Cultural Odyssey in Ecuador (May 2012)
Chinese Ice Sculptures Dazzle Jerusalem  (May 2012)
Treasures of Ancient Glass (Dec 2011)
Global Guide to Islamic Art  (Mar 2009)
Art Museum of Americas at Play  (Mar 2008)
Dolls of Channapatna--On Their Last Legs?  (Mar 2007)
Life and Art of the Inuit: Whalebone, Harpoon and Mask  (Jan 2007)
Punjab: Eclectic Sikh Collection Surveys 500 Years of Faith  (Oct 2004)
Baroque Brazilian Art: The Soul of a Nation  (Nov 2001)
Art in the Year One  (Jan 2001)
Amarna: A Blink in the Eye of Eternal Egypt  (Mar 2000)
Momoyama: Japan's Golden Age  (Dec 1996)
Mary Colter: Designs on the Canyon  (Mar 1996)
Native American Art: Transcending the Stereotype  (Nov 1992)
Benin Royal Art: The Mystique of Kings  (Jun 1992)
Chinese Art: Five Thousand Years of Elegance  (Aug 1991)
Mexican Art: Splendors of Thirty Centuries  (Nov 1990)
Beaubourg: Magicians of the Earth  (Sep 1989)
Images of the Buffalo Culture  (Apr 1989)
Chinese Art Over Five Millennia  (Jan 1989)
Jamaican Intuitives on Display in London  (Dec 1986)
Mayan Art Reinterpreted: A Brilliant Civilization Comes to Life  (Sep 1986)
Chinese Art: 7,000 Years Represented in Montreal Exhibition  (Aug 1986)
Hopi Art: Constancy and Change on Arizona's Mesas  (Jul 1986)
Indian Art: Six Hundred Years of Art on Display  (Feb 1986)

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