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Mixed Media

Mixed Media
How Studying the Old Drawings and Writings of Kids Can Change our View of†History (Mar 2016)
A Salute to Cornell's Restored Military Museum Collection (Mar 2016)
The Artist's Dilemma: What Constitutes Selling Out (Feb 2016)
Humans of New York isnít Journalism, but it Helps us get Beyond the Headlines (Nov 2015)
Face time: Students Learn about Art of Caricature in Freshman Seminar (Jan 2015)
Bell Traditions: Ritual Objects and Signaling Devices (Dec 2014)
Famous College Dropouts Who Made It in the Art World (Nov 2014)
Unexpected Art in Maine: Mechanical Musical Instruments, Arctic Artifacts, and Garden Art (Sep 2014)
Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art (Oct 2013)
The Amazing Saga of the Barnes Collection (Sep 2013)
Malaysia's New Art Mix (Mar 2013)
The Art of the Cross (Dec 2012)
Francesca Woodman: Aphrodite or Alice? (Apr 2012)
Worse than Fiction: Silence in Paradise (Mar 2012)
Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Dolls and Masks (Feb 2012)
The Screen Speaks for Suu Kyi (Jan 2012)
Robert Rauschenberg: Between Painting and Sculpture (May 2011)
Ai Weiwei: Quarantined at Tate Modern  (Dec 2010)
Meyerhoff Collection: An Impressive Bequest of 20th Century Art  (Dec 2009)
Surrealism: The Alternate Reality  (Jan 2009)
Collage 's Short History  (Dec 2008)
Photojournalism's Role  (Nov 2008)
Callahan in San Diego  (Aug 2007)
East and West Come Together in Iranian Art  (Jun 2007)
The Hiding Brings Reality of Holocaust to Students  (Jun 2006)
Dada: The Innovative and Irreverent  (May 2006)
African Masterpieces of Today  (Mar 2006)
Warhol: The Dark Side of the Artist  (Feb 2006)
African Art: The Contemporary Take  (Dec 2005)
Bearden: The Road to Glory  (Sep 2005)
Dali: Taking the Mass Culture Artist Seriously  (Sep 2004)
Asian Art: Tensions in Contemporary Art  (Feb 1997)
Outsider Art Breaks Into the Mainstream  (Apr 1993)
Museum Without Walls  (Jan 1992)
Baldessari: King of the Conceptual  (Oct 1991)
Europalia: Thirty-Seven Visions of Japan  (Jan 1990)
Japanese Art in the Eighties: Eastern Tradition, Western Aesthetics  (Nov 1989)
Premodern and Postmodern Art in Europe  (Sep 1987)
Japan Comes to Minneapolis in Tokyo: Form and Spirit  (Jul 1986)

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