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Genes and Biotechnology

Biotechnology and Medicine | Cloning | Ethical and Social Issues | Genetic Engineering | Genetically Modified Plants and Animals | Genomes and Beyond  | Invisible Genes, Visible Traits  | Miscellaneous Applications

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Genomes and Beyond

Genomes and Beyond
Toward Genetic Editing (Dec 2014)
Skeletons Point to Columbus Voyage for Syphilis Origins (Mar 2012)
Genetic Mechanism Enables Plants to Overcome Environmental Challenge (Sep 2011)
What Sea Squirts Can Teach About the Heart (May 2011)
Speech Disorder Clues in Songbird DNA  (May 2010)
Evolution's Footprints Tracked in Human Genome  (Feb 2010)
Protein Complex Crucial to Embryo Development Identified  (Feb 2010)
Breeding and Genetic Change in the Holstein Genome  (Nov 2009)
Genome of Food-Borne Pathogen Exposed  (May 2009)
The Race to Develop Cheap, Rapid DNA Sequencing  (Mar 2009)
Researchers Decode Genetics of Rare Photosynthetic Bacterium  (Mar 2008)
New Method Can Find Human Genome Control Sites  (May 2005)
Proteins, Proteins Everywhere  (May 2002)
The Biologist Meets the Computer Scientist  (Mar 2002)
The First Sequenced Chromosome  (Dec 1992)
Micro- and Macro-Biological Technologies  (Jan 1992)
The Genome and Cancer  (Feb 1987)

"The Genome Front"
Five-Part Series, Natural Science, Sep. 2001 - Jan. 2002
Agricultural Genomics  (Dec 2001)
We Are Our Genes--Not!  (Nov 2001)
Whither Genomic Medicine?  (Oct 2001)
Unraveling the Human Thread of Life  (Sep 2001)

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