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Genes and Biotechnology

Biotechnology and Medicine | Cloning | Ethical and Social Issues | Genetic Engineering | Genetically Modified Plants and Animals | Genomes and Beyond  | Invisible Genes, Visible Traits  | Miscellaneous Applications

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Miscellaneous Applications

Miscellaneous Applications
The “Dirty” Secret about Allergies (Nov 2014)
Some DNA Building Blocks Made in Space? (Sep 2011)
Moved by Religion: Mexican Cavefish Develop Resistance to Toxin  (Dec 2010)
Mitochondrial Eve Lived 200,000 Years Ago  (Sep 2010)
Genetics or Evolution?  (May 2010)
Bacteria in Dish Recreate Predator-Prey Interactions  (Jun 2008)
DNA Chips Help Attach Biological Cells to Non-Biological Surfaces  (May 2006)
The Future of Genes: Research on Twins May Help Medicine  (May 2005)
Keeping Our Food Safe  (Sep 2003)
Great Expectations of Small Genomes  (Jan 2002)
The Gene Genie's Progeny  (Jan 2000)
Revealing the Secrets of Old Sol's Sugar Factories  (Mar 1998)
Enzymes at the Extreme  (Mar 1997)
Applying the Fishes' Antifreeze Solution  (Nov 1991)
Artificial Biomaterials  (Mar 1991)
The Search for Biodegradable Plastics  (Dec 1990)
Feeding Industrial Wastes to Microorganisms  (Nov 1990)
The Mighty Gossamer  (Sep 1990)
Microbial Pesticides  (Oct 1989)
Science and Technology against Crime  (Jun 1988)

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