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Genes and Biotechnology

Biotechnology and Medicine | Cloning | Ethical and Social Issues | Genetic Engineering | Genetically Modified Plants and Animals | Genomes and Beyond  | Invisible Genes, Visible Traits  | Miscellaneous Applications

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Genetically Modified Plants and Animals

Genetically Modified Plants and Animals
Genetically Engineered Salmon Fit for Consumption? (Sep 2011)
Genetic Mechanism Enables Plants to Overcome Environmental Challenge (Sep 2011)
Speech Disorder Clues in Songbird DNA  (May 2010)
Preparing Peanuts for the Future  (Apr 2010)
The Mission to Build a Better Peanut  (Aug 2006)
Focusing on Grape Genetics in New York's Finger Lakes Region  (Jun 2006)
Grapes! Our Never-Ending Crush  (May 2006)
Uncovering the Pineapple's Genetic Secrets  (Feb 2006)
Pros and Cons of Tinkering With Crop Genetics  (Jan 2006)
Agricultural Genomics  (Dec 2001)
Feeding the World With Biotech Crops  (May 1998)
New Routes to Hardy Crops  (Jun 1996)
Mapping the Plant Genome  (Nov 1992)
Upgrading Plant Proteins  (Sep 1992)
How Plants Respond to Drought  (Dec 1991)
Genetic Engineering's Brave New World  (Aug 1991)
Farm Animals of the Future  (Nov 1989)
The Nobility of Seed Research and Its Critics  (Jul 1986)

"What's Next for Genetically Modified Foods?"
Global Forum, Natural Science, Dec. 1999
India: Resist Genetically Modified Foods, Unless ...  (Dec 1999)
U.K.: Improve Methods and Test Genetically Modified Foods  (Dec 1999)
U.S.: Develop and Deploy Genetically Modified Foods  (Dec 1999)

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