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Crafts are humanity’s original works of art. From the earliest civilization’s earthenware pots to today’s handmade jewelry and furniture, handicrafts are a compelling reflection of our need to find aesthetic pleasure in the everyday things that were fashioned through personal creativity rather than mass production.

Crafts also differ from, say, paintings or sculpture in that they serve a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. A ceramic cup is used to drink from, a wooden chair to sit in and rest, a quilt to keep warm. This added dimension, according to craft enthusiast Lisa Brill of Atlanta, puts crafts on a higher plane than other types of art. “I think if you’re a collector who just has things to look at,” says Brill, “you lose something.”

Our Craft & Design collection presents over a hundred fascinating articles on a variety of craft forms – from glassmaking, fabric design, and ceramics to woodworking, folk craft, and basketry – from around the world. Articles in our collection also include the historical background of particular crafts, as well as the theories of important craft designers and collectors. We invite you to explore this unique collection. Who knows, perhaps it will stimulate your own personal creativity.


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