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Fabric Design

Mughal Maal: India’s Precious Craft Embroidery (Sep 2011)
Florence’s Leather Legacy  (May 2011)
Keeping an Ecuadorian Weaving Tradition Alive  (Feb 2011)
Authentic Hawaiian Quilt-making  (Nov 2010)
Threads on Canvas: Part 2  (May 2010)
Threads on Canvas: Part 1  (Apr 2010)
A Beginner’s Guide to Carpet Patterns  (Apr 2010)
Shyrdak and the Art of Felt  (Feb 2010)
Saris: India’s Timeless Gift to All Women  (Feb 2007)
Soon Hee Oh's Fiber Art: 'Only the Light Remains'  (Apr 2001)
Lancaster County Quilts: Stitches in Time  (Jul 2000)
Maine Quilts on the Edge: Painting With Fabric  (Jan 1997)
Kimono: Exotic Garment as Art Icon  (Aug 1996)
Kyung Yeun Chung: A Single-handed Pursuit  (Aug 1994)
Tai Textiles: Threads of Meaning  (Apr 1994)
Qing Dynasty Garments: China's Celestial Costumes  (Aug 1993)
Contemporary Textile Art: Interweaving Art and Craft  (Sep 1992)
Jazzy African Textiles  (Jul 1992)
Quilt as an Art Form  (Jun 1991)
Lenore Tawney: Queen of Warp and Woof  (Oct 1990)
Weaving Tapestries: The Children of Ramses  (May 1990)
Switzerland's Fourteenth Tapestry Biennale: Has Fiber Art Come of Age?  (Nov 1989)
Iranian Textile Arts: Woven From the Soul, Spun From the Heart  (Feb 1988)
Hmong Stories and Story Cloth  (Sep 1987)
Abegg Foundation: Preserving Tapestries, Glorifying Applied Art  (Aug 1987)
Shihoko and Shigeki: New Fabric Design With Painting and Indigo Dyeing  (Jun 1987)
Seventeenth-Century Embroidery of Quebec  (Apr 1987)
Berber Rugs of Morocco  (Mar 1987)
Native American, African, and Swedish: Weaving a Blend of Three Cultures  (Feb 1987)
Agulha's Tapestry Art  (Nov 1986)
Indonesian Batik  (Feb 1986)

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