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United States
Isadora Lives: Dancers Continue the Legacy  (Feb 2004)
Building on the Graham Tradition: Buglisi/Foreman Dance  (Nov 2003)
Stephen Petronio Mirrors the Times: Postmodern Salvation  (Jul 1999)
Heidi Duckler's Collage Dance Theatre: On-Site Inventions  (Nov 1996)
Streb/Ringside Dance Company: Still Defying Gravity  (Sep 1996)
New Flight for 'The Winged': Limon Dance Company at 50  (Jul 1996)
Dance's Feminine Force  (Nov 1995)
New York's Joyce Theater: Formula for Success  (Feb 1995)
Boston Goes Hip-hop  (Jan 1995)
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company: Dance in the Desert  (Nov 1994)
Just Doing It: Lester Horton's Grandchildren  (Mar 1994)
Dancing Ambassadors: U.S. Exports Change Lives Abroad  (Sep 1993)
Cutting Up With Tharp and Baryshnikov  (May 1993)
Paul Taylor: America's Dance Wizard  (Apr 1993)
Chicago's Treasured Troupe: The Hubbard Street Dance Company  (Feb 1993)
Martha Graham: The Goddess  (Jun 1992)
Brief, Brilliant Phoenix: Twyla Tharp and Dancers  (Apr 1992)
Ralph Lemon: The New Romanticism  (Sep 1991)
Mark Morris: Cracking The Hard Nut  (Mar 1991)
American Modern Dance in Mid-life Crisis  (Feb 1991)
Of Myths and Mothers: A Disturbing Postmodern Dance  (Nov 1990)
Mark Morris: The Soul of Androgyny  (Sep 1990)
Paul Taylor: Better Than Ever  (Aug 1990)
Twelve Men for the Nineties  (May 1990)
Inside the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble  (Jul 1989)
Trisha Brown: Set for Success  (Jun 1989)
Eiko and Koma Nurture a Tree in Brooklyn  (Apr 1989)
Martha Graham's Gala Celebrates Warhol  (Dec 1988)
Paul Taylor: Working the Space Between Art and Life  (Jun 1988)
Let There Be Light!: Creating Stage Sets for the Dance  (Apr 1988)
Martha Graham: Choreographer as Consummate Individualist  (Feb 1988)
Cunningham Revolution: Technique, Not Theater  (Nov 1987)
New York City Center: Dance Paths Diverge  (Jan 1986)

United Kingdom
Laurie Booth: Performance Plus  (Oct 1992)
Dancing Under the Umbrella: England Discovers Spice  (Mar 1990)
Modern Dance in London  (Feb 1990)
Britain--New Land for Dance?  (Sep 1989)

Angelin Preljocaj: Choreographer of Two Cultures  (Oct 1991)
Comes the Revolution: A Tired Liberal Take on 1789  (Nov 1989)
Modern Dance Breaks Out in France  (Oct 1987)

Dominique Dumais: Dancing a New Language  (Jul 2003)
Canadian Choreographer Judith Marcuse: Cooler Than Ice  (Dec 2001)
Toronto's Dancemakers: 'A Different Vision'  (Jul 1997)

Sasha Waltz: Focusing on the Body  (Sep 2003)
Gyor Troupe Celebrates Purim: The New Face of Hungarian Dance  (Oct 2002)
Nordic Dance on the Move  (Apr 2001)
Micha van Hoecke and His Ensemble: Choreographing the Arts  (Jun 1994)
Mark Morris' Dido and Aeneas: You Can't Have It Both Ways  (Feb 1993)
Dancing to Beethoven: The Choreography of De Mey  (Feb 1992)
Belgium's Theater of Movement  (Jan 1992)
Nadj's Dance of the Absurd  (Sep 1991)
Dark Night of the Soul: Bausch Dance Style Is Powerful but Grim  (Oct 1988)
Flamenco Meets Modern Dance: The Royal Spanish National Ballet  (Mar 1988)

Guangdong Modern Dance Company: The New Face of Chinese Dance  (Oct 2001)
Sakiko Oshima's Wild Choreography: Dancing to Chaos  (Nov 2000)
Dancing on Thin Ice in Hong Kong  (Aug 1995)

Europe's New Dance  (Feb 2001)
French Festivals: World Fare  (Jan 1993)
Context Lost: The Perils of Mixed Media  (Jun 1990)

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