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National Forensic League
Policy Debate
(2003 - 2004)

Resolved: That the United States federal government should establish an ocean policy substantially increasing protection of marine natural resources.

Water covers two-thirds of the world’s surface. The oceans hold secrets that scientists are just beginning to unlock – secrets that include, unfortunately, sunken ships, dumped refuse, and toxic runoff. The oceans belong to no one, so no one assumes responsibility for them. Meanwhile, overexploitation and pollution reduce our food supply and condemn some species to extinction.

This collection addresses these issues as well as a host of others, such as: how incautious shipping delivers alien plants and animals that threaten far-flung freshwater and marine life, how entrepreneurs using cyanide to collect aquarium fish are killing coral reefs, and how rising mercury levels in marine fish endanger our health.

If we are to solve the ecological threats to our shared resources, international cooperation is imperative. Regulating fishing, reducing toxic pollution, generating power and new sources of food, and desalinizing ocean water for human consumption are all important issues that require immediate attention. This collection of articles explores a number of issues and solutions regarding the protection of our marine natural resources.

Ecosystem Control and Its Implications for Human Values
Trash Fish to Cash Fish
Sea Otters and Oil
The Ocean and Waste Disposal
Preventing Resource Conflicts
Inhabiting the Oceans
Oceanic Energy: Catch a Wave for Clean Electricity
Asia: Meeting the Environmental Challenge
The Versatile Biofoam Solid
The Ocean's Greatest Gift
Endangered Species v. Endangered Jobs: We Need Laws to Preserve Biodiversity
Mercury as a Global Pollutant
Exotic Invaders
Saltwater Agriculture
Can Fisheries Take the Heat?
Boundaries of Interest
The Global Challenge
The Developed versus the Developing
Going, Going, Gone: Cyanide Death of South China Sea Coral Reefs
Monitoring Coral Reefs From Space

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