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National Forensic League Policy Debate 2004 - 2005

Resolved: That the United States federal government should establish a foreign policy substantially increasing its support of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

This collection of articles is designed to help you reach the highest levels of success in policy debate. Need evidence supporting your hegemony disadvantage? Looking for a new case idea? Searching for answers to your rivalís case? The World & I has it all in this collection of articles. Articles are organized by region to make finding the best cards even easier.

The issue of how the United States should be involved in the world is an important question. The United States has the power to act unilaterally, but is this the wisest option? This resolution hopes to determine whether the United Nations is a better forum for international involvement. Important areas of discussion include peacekeeping operations in the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the Balkans, and Africa. These articles will help you develop strategies for addressing all of these issues and more.

Disadvangages, Counterplans, and Impacts
A Policy of Selective Engagement
Can the U.S. military prevent or diminish ethnic conflicts? Would such involvement risk entangling the United States in conflicts with rising great powers? The author supports a selective engagement strategy.

Parties Split on Issues From A to T
Contains politics links for a variety of issues, including the United Nations and peacekeeping operations.

A U.S. Missile Shield
A small-scale national missile defense system with boost-phase interceptors would help eliminate threats from countries like North Korea. Such a system would not provoke Russia or China.

Is the Military Prepared?
The title says it all. The article offers unique insights on military readiness and overstretch. It assesses the war on terrorismís impact on overall readiness and our ability to respond to another crisis.

Canada: In Search of a National Security Policy
This piece provides answers to the Canada counterplan. It assesses the Canadian militaryís readiness for peacekeeping operations, criticizes Canada for its dwindling involvement in NATO and UN operations, and examines claims of Canadian solvency.

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