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For many years The World & I provided debate and forensic participants with a repository of trustworthy material written by scholars and expert practitioners. With the advent of our online site at, the means of securing the necessary background information became eminently more doable.

Now we have taken research a step further, however, and done much of the work for you by creating special collections of pertinent articles under the annual resolutions for the National Forensic League Policy Debate.

For Extemp and Impromptu, the Current Issues section of with its Special Reports, Media in Review, World Views, Commentary, and Eye on the High Court subsections has always been particularly helpful. Our Modern Thought section is also indispensable, with notable scholars and experts offering in-depth essays about the pressing social issues of the day.

Make your first stop for dependable research.

NFL Policy Debate
Civil Liberties (2004-05)
UN Peacekeeping Operations (2004-05)
NFL Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Promoting Democracy (Nov-Dec 2004)
Privacy vs. Societal Welfare (Sep-Oct 2004)
  Judicial Activism
Church and State
Jury Nullification
Regulating Business
Public Health vs. Intellectual Property Rights
Community vs. National Standards
Non-citizen Rights
Scientific Knowledge vs. Societal Good
Progressive Taxation
Censoring Sexually Explicit Material
U.S. Ocean Policy (2003-04 NFL Policy)
Self-Interest vs. Common Good (2003-04 NFL L-D)
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