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Diversity in America

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Howard University's Place in African American Heritage  (Feb 2008)
The Search for Good Hair: Styling Black Womanhood in America  (Feb 2001)
Things Change: Alabama and the Struggle for Civil Rights  (Feb 2000)
A Land Between Waters: Reviving a Black Township on the Chesapeake Bay  (Feb 1999)
Sacrifice Play: The Negro Leagues Remembered  (Feb 1996)
Telling Tales: African Influence in Afro-American Folklore  (Feb 1995)
Working the Bay: Black Watermen of the Chesapeake  (Feb 1994)
Affirming an Ancient Aesthetic: The Revival of Hair Braiding Among African Americans  (Dec 1990)
Second-line Marching Clubs: Inside New Orleans' Black Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs  (Oct 1990)
The Knot and the Coil: African Reaffirmations in Sea Island Baskets  (May 1990)
African Contributions to America's Musical Heritage  (Jan 1990)
African America in the Year 2000  (Jan 1990)
Mardi Gras Indians  (Feb 1989)
Two Narrative Quilts  (Feb 1988)

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