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Click on a title below to access the article. (The World & I issue that the article appeared in is found in parentheses.)

Chemical Elements and Molecules
Aluminum: A Power-Hungry Metal  (Dec 2001)
Aluminum: A Thoroughly Modern Metal  (Dec 2001)
Bacteria ‘Factories’ Churn Out Valuable Chemicals (Feb 2015)
Chlorine: Friend or Foe?  (Jul 1994)
Computers Aid New Drug Design Technique  (May 2010)
Copper: A Metal for All Ages  (Nov 1998)
Dyes: Adding Color to Our Lives  (May 1987)
Engineers Use Proteins for Biofuels, Biorefining (Apr 2011)
Filling Up on Hydrogen  (Oct 2008)
Fluorine's First One Hundred Years  (Dec 1986)
Hunting the Higgs (Feb 2012)
Inert Gas Heavyweights: Five Bright Nobles  (Mar 2000)
Lead: Brilliant Performer  (Jul 1989)
Lead: Toxic Treasure  (Nov 1999)
Lithium: Legacy of a Light Element  (Apr 1990)
MAVEN Mission to Investigate How Sun Steals Martian Atmosphere  (Nov 2010)
Mercury in the Body  (May 2004)
Mercury: The Two-Faced Element  (May 2004)
Methyl Bromide: Fallout From a Pending Phaseout  (Aug 1993)
Microwires Improve Performance of Light-Emitting Diodes (Dec 2011)
Nanotechnology: Edible Nanostructures  (Oct 2010)
Neutrino “Flavors” Gateway to Antimatter Answers (Apr 2012)
New Leads on Nitrous Oxide  (Dec 2009)
New Solar Phenomenon Observed (May 2012)
Nitrogen in Life and Death  (May 1993)
Organic Molecules Found in Hot Gas Planet  (Nov 2009)
Oxygen  (Sep 1986)
Oxygen in Earth's Early Atmosphere  (Nov 2008)
Phosphorus: A Matter of Life and Death  (Dec 1990)
Platinum: When So Little Means So Much  (Apr 1992)
Plutonium: Power and Poison  (Jul 1991)
Salt: The Sea's Bounty  (Aug 1988)
Scientists Make Iron Transparent (Mar 2012)
Silicon: In a Grain of Sand  (Nov 1992)
Simulating the Death of a Star  (Jun 2010)
Sodium Bicarbonate: Bubbles, Balance, and Grit  (Apr 1995)
Sulfur: Villain or Hero?  (Jan 1990)
Titanium: At the Speed of Life  (Apr 1998)
Transparent Conductive Material Could Lead to Power-Generating Windows  (Dec 2010)
Tungsten: From Lighting to Writing  (May 2003)

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