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Chamber Ensembles & Bands

Chamber Ensembles & Bands
Handelís Messiah: Sing Hallelujah at Strathmore  (Dec 2010)
U2ís Appearance in Istanbul is Significant  (Oct 2010)
Turkey: Ensemble Performs Classical Ottoman Music  (Jan 2010)
Band X Delivers Fun, Smart Show  (Jun 2006)
Cream's Clapton, Bruce, and Baker: Reinventors of the Blues  (Feb 2006)
Japan's Shamisen Boom  (Nov 2003)
Yoshida Brothers Take On America  (Nov 2003)
O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Traditional American Music Takes Root  (Feb 2003)
Selected Silk Road Project Commissions  (Apr 2002)
New Masters From the Silk Road  (Apr 2002)
Braff, Mance, and Golson: Enduring Jazz Delights  (Mar 1997)
Tokyo String Quartet: Harmonizing East and West  (May 1995)
Zap Mama Provides One Answer To What Is World Music?  (Apr 1994)
Chamber Diplomacy: A Musical Ensemble Contributes to Peace  (Oct 1993)
Clannad: The Spirit of Ireland  (Sep 1993)
Yo-Bob Fusion  (May 1992)
Music of the Superpowers  (Dec 1990)
Paul Simon and Zulu A Cappella  (Oct 1987)
Tafelmusik Revives the Baroque in Toronto  (Jan 1987)
James Reese Europe: A Forgotten Life  (Sep 1986)
Touring Group Showcases Traditional Chinese Music  (May 1986)
Prague Chamber Orchestra in Concert  (Apr 1986)
Run That Music Bayou  (Jan 1986)

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