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Music as Social Inclusion Shines in Salzburg (Oct 2013)
Haydn & Mendelssohn Celebrated By Chorale  (Nov 2009)
Strauss: Year of the Waltz King; Austria Celebrates Composer's Centennial  (Dec 1999)
Mozart: The Discovery of Der Stein  (Feb 1999)
Schubert, the Unfinished Symphonist  (Jan 1997)
Unsung Schreker  (Aug 1991)
Mozart: The Enduring Miracle  (Jan 1991)
Mahler: The 'Titan' Symphonist  (Jul 1986)

Czech Republic
Leos Janacek: A Master Czech Composer  (Oct 2004)
Dvorak the Opera Man  (Sep 1991)
The Mighty Martinu  (Sep 1990)
Leos Janacek: A Great Czech Composer Comes Into His Own  (Oct 1988)

Berlioz: National Philharmonic to Perform Berliozís Requiem  (Nov 2010)
Berlioz: A Lost Early Composition Comes to Light  (Feb 1994)
Messiaen: Illuminations of Eternity  (Feb 1993)
Bizet: Creative Surprises  (Nov 1988)

'Music in the Air:' Saxony Germany Celebrates 200th Aniversary of Richard Wagner (Oct 2013)
Handelís Messiah: Sing Hallelujah at Strathmore  (Dec 2010)
Haydn & Mendelssohn Celebrated By Chorale  (Nov 2009)
Weill's Music Rises Anew  (Oct 2005)
Bach: Ad Majorem Dei Gloria  (Mar 2000)
Hildegard Forever  (Jan 1998)
Brahms' Muse; On Artistic Inspiration  (Apr 1997)
Hindemith in Hindsight  (Nov 1995)
Clara Schumann: 'Diese herrliche Frau'  (Oct 1994)
Back to Bach  (Jul 1992)
Midsummer Night's Mendelssohn  (Nov 1991)
Carl Maria von Weber, 1786-1826  (Dec 1986)

Menotti Reminisces  (Jul 1996)
Rossini, Master of Melody  (Jun 1992)
Monteverdi Returns to Venice  (Dec 1989)

United Kingdom
Composer John Tavener: A Singing Faith  (Apr 2003)
The Power and the Passion: The Neorenaissance in Britain  (Sep 1991)
The Rebirth of English Music  (Aug 1991)
'The Mikado' in the Best Gilbert and Sullivan Style  (Jan 1986)

Other Europe
Celebrating Frederic Chopinís Bicentennial  (Apr 2010)
Chopin, Poland's Musical Voice: A Sesquicentennial Tribute  (Oct 1999)
SŠndor Recalls Bartok  (Sep 1995)
Penderecki at Sixty: Poland's Global Voice  (Nov 1993)
Spanish Music's Golden Century  (Dec 1991)
The Swiss Muse  (Nov 1991)
Music Giants of the North, Part Two  (Aug 1990)
Music Giants of the North, Part One  (Jul 1990)
A Liszt of Surprises  (Apr 1986)

Rachmaninoff's Piano Legacy  (Mar 1993)
Steinway's Remedy for Music  (Sep 1992)
Sergei Prokofiev, Celebration of a 'Decadent Formalist'  (Jul 1991)
Nicolas Slonimsky: Musical Genius  (Sep 1989)
Alfred Schnittke: Hottest Serious Soviet Composer  (May 1989)
Petrovich Mussorgsky: Unexpurgated  (Mar 1989)

United States
Gregg Kallor: Two New York Concerts  (Feb 2011)
Remembering Duke Ellington  (Jun 2010)
Dave Brubeck : Maestro of Cool  (Feb 2010)
Weill's Music Rises Anew  (Oct 2005)
Passing of 3 Great Composers Ends an Era in Film  (Dec 2004)
Charles Ives, America's Musical Visionary  (May 2004)
Copland 's Century  (Nov 2000)
Duke Ellington: Aristocrat and Revolutionary  (Apr 1999)
Virgil Thomson: A Portrait in Music  (Nov 1996)
Menotti Reminisces  (Jul 1996)
Zwilich's Way: A New Symphony  (May 1993)
Rachmaninoff's Piano Legacy  (Mar 1993)
Steinway's Remedy for Music  (Sep 1992)
Lou Harrison, California Eclectic  (May 1992)
Alan Hovhaness Makes the Right Connections  (Mar 1991)
Reviewing Our Musical Heritage  (Feb 1990)
The Value of New American Music  (Jan 1990)
Discovering Unknown Masters  (Nov 1989)
P.D.Q. Bach's Alter Ego  (May 1989)
Victor Hugo Goes Broadway  (Mar 1987)
Perils of Crossover: New Recordings of Old Musicals Are a Mixed Blessing  (Mar 1987)
Philip Glass in Concert: Much Ado About Nothing  (Feb 1987)
Duke Ellington: The Sacred Concerts  (Jan 1987)
Boston Symphony Orchestra Shines With Two Rising Stars  (Jan 1987)
James Reese Europe: A Forgotten Life  (Sep 1986)
Brigadoon Done In  (May 1986)

Musicscapes of Toru Takemitsu  (Jun 1995)
Steinway's Remedy for Music  (Sep 1992)
Composer Tan Dun: Symphony With a Vision  (Jun 1988)
Boston Symphony Orchestra Shines With Two Rising Stars  (Jan 1987)

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