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Music Festivals

Music Festivals
Sonic Geography in Norway: The Ice Music Festival (Apr 2014)
ASEAN Attempts to Build on a Shared Language: Music (Mar 2012)
Montreal International Jazz Festival: Montreal Does Jazz  (Oct 2003)
Norway's Molde International Jazz Festival: Cool Jazz  (Nov 2002)
Colmar Offers Flute Fest  (Oct 2002)
Fez Festival of World Sacred Music: A Festival for the Soul  (Sep 2002)
Boston and Berkeley's Music Festivals: Early Music's Charmed Circle  (Sep 1999)
Dresden's Music Fete  (May 1999)
Mahler Meets the Corporate Elite  (Aug 1995)
Oslo's Contemporary Music Festival: The Ultimate in New Music  (Jan 1993)
Lucerne: Music Festival Sui Generis  (Jan 1989)
Janacek's Katya Kabonova at Glyndebourne: An Expressionistic Nightmare  (Oct 1988)
Salzburg Festival: So Expensive--but Look What You Get  (Nov 1987)
Savolinna Opera Festival: The Salzburg of the North  (Oct 1987)
Prokofiev in Prague: Annual Festival Excites Music Lovers  (Aug 1987)
Berlin Festival Offers German Romanticism From The Utah Symphony  (Dec 1986)
Salzburg Premieres Penderecki's Die Schwarze Maske  (Nov 1986)
Edinburg Festival: Small Is Splendid at the Biggest Festival  (Nov 1986)
Ravinia Offers New Music  (Sep 1986)

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