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Path to Understanding (May 2015)
Power Efficiency in the Violin (Mar 2015)
Music Helps Impoverished Children Perform Better in School (Nov 2014)
Alaa Wardi Goes Viral (Sep 2014)
Rapping to Uganda's News Beat (Apr 2014)
Music and Medicine (Apr 2013)
Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Adapter, and Madeleine Peyroux (Dec 2012)
Brain in Step with Offbeat Music  (Apr 2009)
Creem Tries Again From Detriot  (Jun 2005)
Beautiful Dreamer: Shedding New Light on Stephen Foster's Legend  (Nov 2004)
MusicOmnia: The New World of the Microlabel  (Jan 2003)
Selected MusicaOmnia Recordings  (Jan 2003)
Selected Silk Road Project Commissions  (Apr 2002)
New Masters From the Silk Road  (Apr 2002)
Garth Brooks' Songwriters: Behind Brooks' Creative Force  (Feb 2002)
Grand Ole Opry at 75: Playing to America's Heart  (Feb 2001)
Musical Manchester  (Feb 2000)
Celebrating the Carillon: The Heavens Peal  (Jun 1997)
Maggie Sansone, Dulcet Dulcimer: A Maggie Christmas  (Dec 1996)
Chetham's School of Music  (Nov 1992)
New Germany's Music Miseries  (Jun 1991)
Coping With Freedom  (Dec 1990)
Nicolas Slonimsky: Musical Genius  (Sep 1989)
Revolutionary—and Conservative: The Mighty CD  (Dec 1988)
Quandaries of the CD Owner: The Terrors of Technology  (Apr 1988)
Paul Sacher: Active Music Campaigner  (Nov 1986)
G.B. Shaw's One-Man Battle for Quality in Music  (Jun 1986)

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