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 More than an accumulation of facts, theories, and principles about the natural world, science is also a compelling and deeply rewarding profession. In this special collection – which covers the full spectrum of scientific disciplines, from archaeology to zoology – you have an opportunity to view up close and personal over 100 scientists, from the pioneering sixteenth-century geoscientist Georgius Agricola to molecular biologist Michael Zasloff, an expert in disease resistance among frogs.

Our collection features distinguished Nobel laureates such as physicists Eugene Wigner (February 1986) and Richard Feynman (August 1998), known for their exploration of the frontiers of theoretical knowledge. It also highlights women scientists who have made significant achievements in areas as diverse as rivers (Ruth Patrick, September 1989), bees (Eva Crane, March 1993), the stars (Maria Mitchell, March 1986), and computers (Grace Murray Hopper, August 1987).

For your convenience, we have provided several methods of accessing the articles in this collection. At right is a listing of the various scientific disciplines, within which you will find articles on the relevant scientists. Below that are buttons for the categories Nobel Laureates, Women Scientists, and All Scientists. To discover new insights into both the life and legacy of the great men and women of science, take a few moments to browse through Scientists: Past and Present.

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