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Joseph Priestley: Enlightened Chemist  (Sep 1986)
Dorothy Hodgkin: Woman of Science  (May 1987)
Aleksandr Borodin: Syntheses and Symphonies  (Jan 1988)
Irving Langmuir: A Living Legacy  (Jun 1990)
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov: The Father of Russian Science  (Aug 1990)
Glenn Seaborg: Transuranium Pioneer  (Jul 1991)
Carl Djerassi: The Steroid King  (Jul 1992)
Chaim Weizmann: Chemist and Zionist Stateman  (Nov 1992)
Harry Gray: The Color Chemist  (Feb 1993)
Melvin Calvin's Trail of Light  (May 1994)
Linus Pauling: A Giant Among Chemists, a Giant Among Men  (Jan 1995)
George Olah: The Master of Hydrocarbons  (Sep 1995)
Ernest Rutherford: The Atomic Physics Maestro  (Jun 2001)

Hans Krebs: The Genius of Biochemistry  (Jan 1986)
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi: Discoverer of Vitamin C  (Dec 1986)
Paul Bock: Creativity is the Name of the Game  (Jan 2010)

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