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Medical Science

Medical Science
Rosalyn Yalow: Speaking Out in Science  (Aug 1986)
Andre Cournand: Medical Trailblazer  (Jan 1987)
Sir Macfarlane Burnet: A Pillar of Modern Immunology  (Sep 1988)
Michael Zasloff: Antibiotic Sleuth  (Dec 1988)
Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein: The Cholesterol Doctors  (Jan 1989)
Gertrude Elion and George Hitchings: The Nobel Pair  (Jun 1989)
Thomas Starzl: The Dean of Transplantation  (Jan 1993)
Che-Chung Tsai: Disease Detective  (Dec 1996)
Robert Langer: The Tissue Master Delivers  (Aug 1999)
Dan Wagner: From Pharmacy to Integrative Medicine  (Feb 2002)
Earl E. Bakken: Medical Mechanic  (Dec 2003)

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